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For Sale: Persol 2677-S mint condition

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For Sale:
Persol 2677-S mint condition

Will Ship To: US


I love this brand. I have 3 pairs, and wish these would work for me, but my larger than average head prevents these from working for me. I've tried them on twice and they just don't look balanced on me, even though the style is awesome. I have had them stored now for over a year unused, and I should just find a new home for them. They are the polarized version

I'll include the photo's I took today, as well as one nice stock photo that captures better the overall design. They are in mint condition. There are no scratches whatsoever. Because I don't can't find the original box or paperwork, you're basically getting a new pair at less than 1/3 the cost. I'm willing to entertain reasonable offers, since they're just sitting here. If I don't reply to your offer, it was simply because it was a low-ball joke, and I'm not going to waste my time replying.

When sold, I will place them carefully inside one of the other Persol cases I could find ( Persol 007 model) and ship them well protected to anywhere in the US. Paypal = 3% on top of the final agreed price. I've got plenty of feedback (100%) here and on eBay ( chipsth on eBay) for references.

Feel free to ask any questions, I
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could you add the measurements please_? possibly a close up of the numbers on the inside of the frame?
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The measurements are on the fourth photo in the thread.

Model 2677-S

eye 54
nose 15
earpiece 140
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I took a pair of Persol 2677-s 54-15, 30/33 sunglasses to the Persol store on Rodeo Drive yesterday to have them adjusted.


The saleslady said they're at least 10-15 years old and are worth at least $600, but could be worth over $1000!


She suggested I Google the info, which I did, but none of the results I found reflect her appraisal.


I found this on eBay (these are black, my pair are orange like yours).


I wonder what you think of this. Could my pair really be worth 100s of dollars?



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