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Barbour v Filson Outerwear

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I ordered a Filson Cover Cloth Weekender jacket and it finally came in about two weeks ago. Overall, the fit is great and construction and attention to detail seems to be out of this world. My only complaints with the jacket are that there is no hood and if you want a zip out lining, that costs extra.

Fast forward to this past weekend and I was at the Orvis store looking for a gift for my dad and they had a really good selection of Barbour Beaufort jackets in stock and I tried a couple on. Bad idea because now I'm torn. The construction seems to be just as heavy duty and the extra $100 or so includes the hood and zip out lining. I also like the thicker corduroy collar on the Beaufort.

So now I'm debating returning the Filson and getting the Barbour. In reality, the zip out lining on the Barbour is probably overkill since I generally wear a sweater anyway under my jacket when I'm doing any outdoor work or walking etc.

I guess I'm just wondering what the consensus of the throbbing brain of SF is on Filson v Barbour in terms of outerwear. Both jackets seem to be built to last but is there anything I should know about long term quality of one over the other?
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Never owned a Filson because I have yet to be disappointed by Barbour. Aside from a RL bomber I bought on a whim last year I haven't owned any coats aside from Barbour in 5 years (which is roughly when I started dressing like an adult). I say go Barbour. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I think you did well by buying American.
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I have a Filson Mackinaw medium jacket purchased 5 years ago. One of my favorite F/W wear due to comfort, construction and material quality. But it is hard to argue against my Barbour Bedale still going strong after 25+ years of wear and tear.

I am having a ceremony this weekend to my teenage son to take over the this loyal and dependable companion as I just completed placing my Bedale order/replacement @
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