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can you color your hair gray when you are close but the graying looks bad? kinda like half gray and splotchy i guess in a non distinguished way?

not me but i was just wondering. i'm 27 and i notice several that pop up and are a bitch to remove via tweezer.
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I can't wait until I see grey in my hair. My girlfriend is 27 and she has a bunch of greys. I think it looks really sexy, can't say the same for you though. wink.gif
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this looks pretty awesome..

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im 31 and on proverbially borrowed time. Its getting pretty bad, probalby 40% visible grey. I used to want to dye it till a GF of mine a few years ago flipped out and told me how much she likes it. Her crush was AC ( which should have told me something about her!). My wife really likes it to, so bombs away. I think for me, in my line of work, I have always been the young guy. Anything I can do to seem more sagely/worldly helps.

That said, I think its some deep seated daddy issue nonsense... all these girls deep down want to fuck their dads.

chew on that
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Don't worry about it, no girls care. Got my first one this spring (I'm 25)... It was actually a 19 year old girl who found it, and I think I would've cried if she hadn't been there. She didn't mind at all, and neither do any other girls I've talked to about it, so I stopped caring. I just appreciate every year that I still have my hair, some of my friends are getting bald patches and that shit sucks... Of course propecia is an option, but I don't want to risk my boner so I just plan on shaving it when I start going bald.
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Some good replies & advice in here - thanks guys, muchappreciated. I guess it actually can look pretty badass, just wish it was happening 10 years from now when I'm in my mid-thirties.

Any recommendations for a haircut to better hide it? I usually get a number 2 on the sides and keep it longer on top, the gray's really show on the sides/back after a chop. Would leaving it slightly longer (3 or 4) on the sides mask them better?

Thanks again guys!
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My father went grey at 19 so i thought i would too. Not looking forward to the day i wake up and find my first grey hair.

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I haven't seen a dye job done well on a man with grey hair. A pro would be expensive and require constant maintenance. Self-dye kits don't work. So, stay away from anything like that and wear your greys with pride. To offset looking old, take care of your face and exercise regularly
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