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5' 7" 183 lbs. I'm on the shorter end of the SF spectrum I'm sure.
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6' 3"
Fluctuate between 190 and 205 depending on time of year and exercise.
Luckily the weight goes on fairly evenly so all my clothes fit all the time (well, except for a couple of skinny t-shirts that I only wear when I have pecs rather than moobs).

I've also noticed that regardless of my weight, if I see friends after a few months and I'm wearing a good, well-fitted suit, they always ask if I've lost weight, even if I'm actually 10lbs heavier than the last time I saw them.
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Originally Posted by Ace_Face View Post

You must have meant 46 or 48, right? I like the idea of getting thinner (I am a 46R right now) but hate the idea of having to start over with a new wardrobe.

I was a European 50R (UK 40R) and am now a European 48R (UK 38R). I know what you mean about hating to start over with a new wardrobe. I bit the bullet this time but it's forcing me to maintain my size - I don't want to go through this again.

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You lost 60 pounds and 8 inches in the waist but only went down one suit size? puzzled.gif
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Yep, a lot of the fat I've lost has been around the face, stomach and legs because that's where it was mainly stored. My shoulder circumference dropped a little but the weight training has built up mass around the chest, back and shoulders.

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5'10. Currently 202 pounds. Trying to get up to 210 by next spring.
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5'8" 140 lbs 

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6'0 185.
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5'11 173 hope to fucking god I can reach 180 someday
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Originally Posted by cretaceous_cretin View Post

5'10 1/2" @ 220 lbs. Need to lose another 35 lbs. I still have a bit of a gut, but have a sixpack buried under it. Just need to get the extra weight off to show it.

Now 5' 10 1/2" @ 214 lbs
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6'2 190lb

I'm finally to the size and definition I'm happy with.
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if you're ever happy with how you look then you're doing it wrong.
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185cm 83.5kg
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6'6" 275lb
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LOL. Funny how all the taller people are posting on here.

5'7 130

Yes, I know. But I've been told I am very charming.
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