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Need Help!

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So i am going to a semi formal with and my date is wearing a yellow dress with just a slight hint of green in it and i have a grey suit with dark brown shoes. I don't know what color tie to wear with it. Suggestions???

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pale yellow or navy blue, what color is the shirt you plan on wearing?
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What on earth is "a semi formal"? With the vagueness of current dress-code interpretation that could mean anything from black tie down to 'anything but trainers or shorts'.

The suggestion above of navy blue is good, either a plain blue or something like a pin-dot. I don't really like yellow ties much, and I especially wouldn't wear one with a white shirt (too little contrast) but if you want to tie your outfit together with your date's dress then a dark green tie might also work. 'Matching' with your date is generally frowned upon here, as it is tacky and usually looks forced, but I think a dark green tie can look good on it's own; just make sure it doesn't precisely match the colour in your date's dress.
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Wait like a fraternity/sorority semi-formal? Or a high school semi-formal?
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No need to match your date. Just make sure your own clothes match.

That said, generally I would not wear a navy tie to what I assume is a more festive event. While not bad or wrong, it's not ideal either. Too business-like. Pick something lighter or more vibrant in color.
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