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Trouser maintenance questions

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Right now I hang my trousers over the bars of ordinary hangers.  Is it significantly preferable to hang trousers lengthwise to warrant the investment in trouser clip hangers that hold trousers by their cuffs?  And is a trouser press (like the ones sold by Hammacher Schlemmer) a worthwhile investment?
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I have always used clip hangers because once or twice when I had more pants than pant hangers I used regular hangers and was left with a slight bend. However, if you haven't noticed a bend or crease, perhaps due to hanger construction, I wouldn't worry about it.
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I ALWAYS use trouser clips, precisely because of the bend/crease that Dre mentions. Plus, by hanging them by their cuffs, you can usually remove any wrinkles/small creases that have set in (weight of the pants is enough to pull them out.)
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I have a trouser press gathering dust in the corner. A hand iron takes more work, but does a better job. Better than that is a professional steamer, if you can justify the cost (or, as in my case, if your fiancée works next to a recently-closed clothing store and beats the trash collectors to the perfectly good steamer therein).
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