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Navy blazers...

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have decided to give my corneliani SB navy blazer some rest, by purchasing a new 6 on 2 DB navy blazer. would like it to be classic, maybe an english-like cut (even if italian made). hoping to keep it in the range of $1000....double vents would be nice, and the cloth should be classic (not lightweight gabardine, but a medium wt navy cloth, like that described in roetzel's book). recommendations appreciated.
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Side vents are a must--especially for the classic British look. (No center vent.) Suggest you look and try on the Burberry DB Navy blazer.
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I'm glad you mentioned Aquascutum. In the great Burberry revival, Aquascutum seems to have been generally overlooked by the American public.
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I agree with the comment about Aquascutum. I would choose Aquascutum over Burberry any day. The problem, however, is that the Aquascutum line is not as available as Burberry throughout the country. I wish that it were.
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i had seen the aquascutum blazers in the ben silver catalogue; silver stopped carrying the Chester Barrie-made blazers. not sure how much hand work is in the acquas, they have hand-stitched buttonholes, or anything special? i def. want to stay away from burberry blazers; i think they are almost entirely machine-made. what are the general opinions on Dunhill blazers ( i know they are made by Zegna for the stores, and have working cuff buttonholes, ticket pocket, side vents), Turnbull and Asser blazers, other suggestions. if anyone is in NYC, or knows the prices on these blazers, please let me know. thanks.
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