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Holiday gifts

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Alright Everyone, I'm having a hard time both buying and coming up with gifts that I want when people ask. Let's get a list going of things that are either popular, or that you want or that you think are worth giving this holiday season. Don't restrict your self to clothing. (Steve B, I know this is the clothing board and that this should go into general chat, but this receives the most traffic.)
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In my family, we no longer exchange gifts in the traditional sense. Instead, we make donations to each other's charities of choice as gifts. I like this because, first, I think it's more in the spirit of the season than rampant consumerism; and, second, it takes the pressure off everyone to be creative, and/or to spend a lot. We make exceptions for children and significant others. This may not help you much, but it's at least food for thought.
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PS That's a very nice custom and idea.
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Hey Buddah: Want to help fact check my book??? SB
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See, thats a good Idea. But it's not very applicable to my family (though I would support the Idea.). My family practices the most grotesque act of consumerism climaxing on Christmas. Plus I think my Mom and I are the only ones in the group that support charities. Thank you for a great Ideaa though.
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Of Course Steve. Let me know how I can help. I will be all around the state this month shopping so I can check out whatever you want.
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My immediate family has quite literally not exchanged gifts in about four years. I have actually become accustomed to it and therefore no longer think about Christmas in a "what gifts shall I buy" manner. However, my Mother has come into a surplus of money this season (thru her furthering in employment) and has told my sister and I that we may receive gifts this year. As I do not get along with my Father and, subsequently, have not spoken with him in several months nor seen him more than twice in the last three years, I doubt very much I will receive anything from him. To add to all of this, I just spoke to my girlfriend (on a side note, we are not doing very well right now, which really is not good at all) and she wishes not to buy gifts this year because she has many things to pay for already, and therefore cannot really afford it, and does not want me to spend money on her and make her feel bad for not being able to spend the same or similar amount on me. I have tried to assure her that I could limit the amount I spend as to not make her feel uncomfortable but she insists on not trading gifts. All this being said, I am not exactly looking forward to this me unenthusiastic.
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have you seen the new issue of Esquire? some great gift ideas in there, even small clever items like prada's black and red deck of playing cards. cigar afficionado always has a good bunch of gift ideas this time of year, as well. here's what i want this year: a pair of mother-of-pearl collar stays from Thomas Pink. please inform the portly man in the red suit, should any of you run into him.
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A leatherman that -imho- would be one of the coolest gifts to give or receive. In my family, the family is huge; 24 of us in all. What we did to curve the wild spending was a matrix, each year you only by for one family member outside your nuclear family. Cost efficient and you don't have to worry about missing someone. It has also become tradition for my family, mom, dad, bro, and sis to volunteer at the homeless shelter and meals-on-wheels. I first went when I was about 12, it was truly culture shock for a suburbian boy. But that is the kind of thing that teaches you to NOT TAKE THINGS FOR GRANTED.  And that one day you may be on the other side of that line with someone looking out for you. Happy holidays.......   Parsonsdb
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Oh, after that long rant, I still forgot to mention what I want: 1.) Dark Navy Light Pinstriped Dolce & Gabbana Three-Button with flat front pants 2.) 1920's Mother of Pearl/Platinum Cufflinks 3.) Zegna Beige Geometric Pattern Silk Tie
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I may be being a bit too specific here, but the most positive reaction I ever got in response to a gift was from a GPS (global positioning system) unit. Its great at Christmas parties because people can begin using it immediately and it stirs up a lot of conversation. Great for anyone who travels, boats, hunts, or just likes gadgets.
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Hmm- looks like the seller of those links isn't gonna get what she wants... I got aced out of a set of Art Deco ones a couple of years ago on E-Bay I still haven't gotten over....
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Yes, as much as I like those (they would go very well with my new grey suit), I would not pay $350 for them. But, you never know...two days still remain before the auction ends and it is usually the last day that the most bids are placed (most likely caused by the fact that the shorter the time span to the end of the auction, the closer the item becomes to the beginning of the list produced by a search queried). We will see (I am going to follow it).
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Check out this gift guide blog for some ideas

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