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What is the quality of Balenciaga Pour Homme? Also today I saw a nice coat on sale but was unsure of the retail price. What might be a retail price for a wool db coat in a sort of military style that is made in Italy? Thank you.
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I might have tried on the exact coat you're talking about in Barney's. Was it navy, a little longer than 3/4, DB, peak lapel, and really slim fit. If this is the same coat, the retail is around $1200 if I remember correctly, or was it $1600? Just to add, it was a really nice coat, very heavy and warm.
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Hmm...I'll have to take another look at Balenciaga. I was very unimpressed the first time I saw it. I got an awesome shirt by Margiela though. I was going to buy a couple others, and a nice sweater by Yohji Yamamoto, but I've been trying to cut back lately on how much money I spend on clothes.
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Mike C. Yes that was the same coat, it was in a type of dark navy herringbone pattern. Also it had a slit in the back. I thought it was a rather nice coat.
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LabelKing: Yes, it did have a herringbone pattern, it is definalty the same coat. I was seriously considering buying it, but I thought it looked way too feminine, because of the cut. I ended up buying an Emporio Armani overcoat instead. It's SB, navy, wool, 4 button, thin lapels, besom pockets, high closure and armholes. The cut is pretty slim, though nowhere near the girly cut of the Balenciaga one we're talking about. I find the Emporio one I bought to be quite interesting; try to think of a suit jacket, the only difference being it is knee length.
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I do agree the coat is a bit femimine with the full skirt, and nipped-in waist but then it is not overly so, and so I would still consider buying it. The sale price was very good both considering the retail comparison, and as the price of a wool coat.
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Labelking: What was the sale price? Just wondering, considering I was gonna pay retail for it.
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The sale price was $600. I do not know if this sounds reasonable but to be frank I find it very cheap for a coat of a perceived quality like a Balenciaga.
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