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I know brands and such it's just finding a company that makes a pattern/checked that I'm looking for
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Jos A Bank stuff is fine for what it is. It's not the highest end stuff, but so what? It's not the utter crap many here make it out to be. Suits? Yeah, perhaps at their low end they are. But shirts? Their shirts are fine. There's not nearly as much difference in a high end shirt and a low end shirt as there is with, say, shoes or a suit. The quality of the fabric will vary, the stitching will vary somewhat in appearance and long term wear, but a cheap shirt isn't all that different from a really nice shirt.

The biggest difference is in the fabrics, and then, who really cares? As long as it's all cotton... Some people burn through shirts, some keep 'em for ages. If he likes the pattern and the feel is acceptable, why on earth not?
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I see no problem so long at the shirt is not a darker shade then the pants. like doing a darker purple with a lt tan shade or someting to that effect.
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They have everything you need.
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Try it on and see what it looks like. That's the only way to figure out the best combo. I think that you can make a purple shirt work with just about anything. I have a few of them. If you do it right, women love it because most guys don't go past black, grey, blue, brown and white.

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I thought to post here as I need an answer kinda quickly , I just bought a burberry polo it's sort or a plum color - I have no idea it it matches the blue shorts I was going to wear , I can't tell - the shirt seems more overpowering .  the shorts are not expensive at all just simple liht blue ones its almost 100 drgrees out so and want to wer the shirt to class I just dont know how to match it right ! thanks in advance .

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