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December's shirt damage

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I just picked up these shirts from Anto in LA yesterday, and thought people might enjoy some pictures of them. Left to right:

- Alumo 160x3 (3-ply) in pink
- Alumo Soyella 200x2 in blue tonal tattersall
- shoulder of Alumo Soyella Zephyr 170x2 in alternating red/blue stripes
- the shirt the shoulder belongs to
- SIC Tess 200x2 Bugatti in white with pattern

All use MOP buttons that are hand-sewn and shanked. The shirts are custom.

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More: - SIC Tess 200x2 in blue check - SIC Tess linen done in a sport shirt (AKA Italian collar or Zegna collar). There's a stiff interlining behind the shirt's fly that holds the collar up when the button is undone. - shoulder of SIC Tess cotton-linen blend in pink stripe on blue background - the shirt the shoulder belongs to Not seen is a white Acorn 160x2 because it's in the laundry basket. --Andre
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Those are gorgeous shirts. The stitching, pattern matching, and cloth all appear superb!

(Unrelated to the shirts, I finally had the time to audition the Linkwitz Orion speakers you mentioned in a "headphone" thread last spring. They are nothing short of fantastic. I rented a pair of them for two weeks from a friend of a friend. We placed them just where the Meridian DSP8000s are.

Frankly, the Orion speakers are as good or better to my ears than the Meridians. I called a fellow who has always said, ”If you want to sell your Meridian equipment . . .” I am going to replace the entire Meridian set-up as well as the Quad ESL 63 set-up in another location.

What is really funny is that the sale of just the Meridian components will fund both Orion systems and there will still be money left over. I love these fora. Thanks for your tip on the Linkwitz Orions.)

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How much, on average, a shirt?
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hey, like the shirts!! especially the collars/ lack of tie space, which is the same way I like my shirts to look. Will you post some photos "as worn," after laundering them? Would like to see the fit and how they look with a necktie.
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The collar stitching looks to be very close to the edge, do you prefer this style or is it a peculiarity of the house/style?

For me it is reminiscent of a lot of cheaply made shirts I see, but I've never seen it done to a high standard, so I should be keen on some collar closeups...
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Lovely fabrics & pattern matching.

Those are some large collars. Do you have a high neck?
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Yeah, I think those collars are bit big even for the '70s, no offence. They really do look like quality fabrics though.
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Personally, I think the collars are great. Nice shirts Andre!
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Originally Posted by Jovan
Yeah, I think those collars are bit big even for the '70s, no offence. They really do look like quality fabrics though.

Those collars look to be about the same size as the collars on my MTM shirts. I usually go with a 2" collar height and 3" points.

Not everyone is a pencil-neck
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Thanks for the comments everyone. This post has a picture of the white Acorn shirt being worn:

I'm on the left, and the shirt's been laundered perhaps 5 or 6 times at that point. I not only have a long and skinny neck, but also a wider head than normal, so I think I always look goofier in normal width collars. The collar points are 3 7/8 inches long, and the collar is 1.5 inches tall. The linen sport shirt's collars are different since its collar can't be buttoned.

The edge stitching is one of many choices. You can also have quarter stitching, as you can see on the linen shirt's collar. I like edge stitching because it's cleaner-looking to me, but I think they can do any kind of stitching you want --- there were some wild-looking western shirts in their shop with all sorts of intricate embroidery, as well as a tux shirt with the craziest, biggest ruffles I had ever seen, lined in bright colors. You can see some examples on their website:

FP, I've attached a closeup of the linen-cotton shirt's collar so you can see the edge stitching more closely.

Kronik, it's about $325 for the 200s, $300 for the 170s, linens, and 3-ply, and $275 for the Acorn 160s.

FC, I'm so glad you decided to give the Orions an audition. I remembered thinking "I need another large speaker like I need another hole in the head" when I auditioned them, as I had a pair of Aerial 10Ts that I was very happy with, but came away thinking that the Orions were the best speakers in the world, and began scheming to get a pair. I still think that way 3 or 4 years hence, and now all box speakers, whether they're $200 NHTs or $40K Wilsons all basically sound the same to me with the same box-speaker flaws overriding whatever positive attributes they may have. I hope you'll enjoy them for a long time to come.

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The Alumo Zephyr is the most exquisite shirting I've ever felt. And the Soyella ain't bad either! Unfortunately, by the time my tailor ordered it was already all gone. I've been neglecting my shirting since i've been spending so much cash elsewhere but I can't wait to get back to him. They're beautiful shirts.

I was actually looking at that exact fabric (the soyella 200x2). The zephyr I wanted was lavender, if I recall correctly. I'm surprised you didn't get any with the satin stripes. I rather liked a number of those.

Edit:nm, the zephyr has them...
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GQgeek, Thanks. I understand now how shirts can be an addiction, perhaps worse than even shoes because the turnaround time is so quick (1 week vs. 2 or 3 months), and the prices so much lower. I could barely keep myself to 8 shirts, but I'm looking forward to trying out more of the fabrics after laundering this batch and seeing how each cloth wears. BTW, the Acorn 160s AKA Grasmere seems hold its own against the higher-priced Alumos if you want to give that a try, and it's quite light at around 85 grams. --Andre edit: correct units on Acorn cloth weight.
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Andre, those fabrics look fantastic!
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Originally Posted by Andre Yew
the turnaround time is so quick (1 week
1 week!?
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