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Hugo Boss comes out of the closet

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This information is already well known but thanks for the link.
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You will hardly find any German company older than 65 years which is not fully acknowledging their involvements with the Nazi regime (including financing independent research evaluating and documenting the full extend) and apologizing for it. Never seen companies in other countries addressing their involvements with dictators, human rights violations, etc.
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Yeah everyone knows that Hugo Ferdinand Boss was a real scoundrel.  Not sure how it is related to the current brand but still good on them for apologizing.  


In before people throw around "fused" comments while pretending HB: TL doesn't exist.  deadhorse-a.gif

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A lot of British and American companies profited from war as well but since they were on the winning side of the war, their companies don't have to apologize. Ford and IBM to name just two. It was an American IBM computer that assigned the numbers for concentration camp prisoners arm tattoos, based on age, body weight, etc IBM never apologised.


IBM Hollerith machine


Or how about where did the Nazi's get the idea for their Eugenics policies? Not from Germany but from America.
American Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes being the culprit. He never said 'sorry' either.


We can go on and on and on and on. There is no point in targeting Hugo Boss (company/man) unless you are prepared to target every other individual and company along with it (him), regardless of their country.
Target not the weak-minded minion multitudes, but rather the evil itself and you'll win.
This thread belongs only in the Politics section. It has no place on MC.
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