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What supplement to take to get over fatigue post workout

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Looking for a legal and safe supplement to take to help me re enegrgise and get over fatigue that develops 24hours after working out at the gym. I am not referring to DOMs but rather a general tiredness that takes over me for approximately 48hours after the 24hr mark post exercise. Would not be a concern if I were not fatigued at work.
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Sleep, rest, and healthy, meaningful relationships.
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what screws me is getting up early 5 days a week. In terms of nutrients I dont know. Water wise yes but I also drink a ton of coffee which acts as a diuretic so I am peeing atleast once an hour.
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Can I also jump into this and ask on top of post-workout supplements, what in general do the men of SF take.

I have been considering fish oil, and perhaps one a day men's (pro edge). neither can really be bad right? at most i feel no different?
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gatorade and nutella.

but seriously, it doesn't sound like your problem is a lack of proper supplements - if this serious fatigue really does last two full days and begin one full day after working out, you have to look at your whole situation: how much sleep are you getting on a regular basis? are you eating a balanced diet? what's your level of stress like?

if none of these are really out of the ordinary i think you should see a doctor about your fatigue, because unless your workouts are running ultramarathons or something i can't see this being caused by exercise, even if exercise were triggering it.

as for post-workout supplements, i like ham sandwiches. add gatorade if dehydrated.
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Fish oil has been helpful for me
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Food seems to work well for me.
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Originally Posted by suited View Post

Food seems to work well for me.


eat good food and sleep well. you are overthinking this stuff
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If you're tired from working out, either one or a combination of things is occurring. Either you are over-training and not giving your body enough time to heal/recover or you are not getting enough sleep, which is when your body heals; or both.


There is no 'magic pill or elixir' that can cure this. All you can do is mask the symptoms with a stimulant and that brings its own issues. You need to eat well and go to bed. TIVO is your friend. 

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Here's my routine. For reference, I went out on a 94mi bike ride in 102 degree heat yesterday, and today I'm feeling perfectly fine.

Depending on the kind of workout, there are several things you're going to need to watch for.
  1. You were sweating heavily while running/biking/lifting/yoga. It's probably a good idea to make sure you get a solid amount of water, but also sufficient electrolytes (sodium chloride, potassium, magnesium all are electrolytes). I'd recommend a powdered mix, as this allows you to control concentrations. The Clif Shot lemonade is pretty good, but on the salty side (because it contains salt and not a ton of corn syrup), so it's best cold
  2. I worked my muscles super hard and am incredibly sore the next day. In order to repair itself, your body needs protein. Protein is made up of amino acids. So a good solution is 30 minutes after your workout eat some protein. I mix a recovery shake after exercise that also contains branch chain amino acids (BCAA). Aminos are what compose proteins, so having excess in your system can help your body repair the damage you just did to them more quickly. I also use protein powder after workouts, but be careful about what you buy. Most whey and soy protein powders on the market are isolates, meaning they are not complete proteins (lacking aminos your body needs to treat the powder as appropriate protein). The best protein powders are complete proteins with a high bioavailability, as in pea protein (usually from chickpeas), hemp protein, or albumen (from egg).
  3. My recovery drink: Lots of water, a few apples, leafy greens, flax seed meal, electrolyte mix, BCAA, tsp of spirulina powder, ice.

Also, make sure to properly stretch. Getting more sleep than other nights (more than 8 hours) is a good idea after a hard workout as well. I try to get 9-10 hours after a hard ride (I don't lift very often).

The only "supplements" I would recommend are spirulina powder, a whole protein powder, Branch Chain Aminos, and electrolytes. BCAA are not necessary, I only recently started taking them to help with recovery on weekend with multiple bike races and after 5+ hour rides. If you have a healthy diet, you shouldn't need supplements, so I'd say the first place to look is what you're consuming on a regular basis.
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Originally Posted by jarude View Post

Originally Posted by suited View Post

Food seems to work well for me.


eat good food and sleep well. you are overthinking this stuff
+1. This works for me after a strenuous workout: plenty of water, a healthy diet, and adequate sleep.
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Ok so 36 hours ago I went for a 4 mile run at lunchtime. Since then I have worked 1 day and a half. I am feeling now fatigued.

A colleague at work suggested this stuff
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All this purple jacked shit is really not worth what you need to cough up for it. If you need a stimulant, do EC or just caffeine, no use paying good money for these supps which are basically mostly caffeine as well.
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supplements are called supplements because they are supposed to.... supplement an already solid routine. immediately turning to something that would be at the most a very small part of your overall fitness regimen isn't the best idea. like trh said that stuff is probably just caffeine - drink some coffee and go about your business. how long have you been running like this? maybe you haven't quite adjusted to the workload yet.
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