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Tailor in greenwich, ct?

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Hi, Just moved to CT, and just found this forum.  Can anyone recommend a good tailor (preferably great.) in Greenwich, Stamford or the surrounding area? I would like to avoid the whole trial and error process if possible.   Thanks
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AAA: Are you looking for a good specialty store to shop at, someone to do alterations from time to time, or a custom clothier? I can help with all of the above.....
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Hi Steve, Thanks for the reply. You run a great forum. I was actually looking for someone to do alterations. I always get a couple of nice shirts for xmas and usually need to get the sleeves shortened a bit. What specialty stores do you recommend? I have been in Richard's once, but was treated pretty poorly by the staff. I guess they didn't like how I was dressed. What custom clothiers do you recommend? Some friends have told me that Leonard Logsdail in NYC is the place for suits, and Kabbaz is where I should get my shirts. Someone else recommended Ascott Chang and the Borrelli store (I didn't even know they had their own store) for shirts. Getting down to NYC during business hours is a total pain, so I would love to find someone local. Of course if I could save a bunch of money that would be icing on the cake. Thanks again.
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I'd highly recommend Fairfield Clothiers, up the road just a piece in Fairfield. Web site is (Damned if I can figure out how to insert a hyperlink into these replies.)Naresh Mansukhani gave me the best walk in customer service I received in any mens store I visited while doing research for my book. For specialty stores, Family Britches in New Canaan is another possibility. I had a similar experience at Richards, but based on other people I talked to, and their consisitently high ratings in Robb Report and elsewhere, you and I seem to be the exception, rather than the rule. I've got a whole slew of favorite places in NYC in addition to the ones you've already mentioned. E-mail me off list if you'd like them. Also my web site will be up in another week or so, and you'll be able to go there and search directly. Thanks for your comments about the Forum. However, I only moderate it, J runs it and does an awfully good job behind the scenes. And regular posters like LA Guy, P Stoller and SO MANY others make it such a great place to be.
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Would you recommend Fairfield Clothiers to do alterations on items that were not purchased at their store? I know that some places don't really like doing that.
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I'd be surprised if they wouldn't,but I'd call them first.
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Fairfield Clothiers - great store. I had alterations done at Deckers in Norwalk once or twice they might be a bit more liberal with the alteration policy
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