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Originally Posted by Not Ed Harris View Post

Bocca di Lupo

+1 for Bocca di Lupo.
Arbutus is a nice little place too if you're heading to a show nearby.
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One more vote for Bocca di Lupo, it's a superb place. However, if it's a romantic hideaway you're after, this isn't it. The gelato you can get from their deli across the street a one more treat.

Someone mentioned the Ye Olde Mitre pub earlier in the thread. Since it's a little out of the way, you may want to know that the pub is open on weekdays only. The Cittie of Yorke nearby is one more interesting pub, but the last timeI was there it looked as if there were several stag night groups having the time of their lives.
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Helene Darroze at The Connaught in Mayfair.
Trying it out in a week..
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You'll like the Mayfair, TC.

Arbutus is great and so is their other place Wild Honey just of the Row.
Both qualify for casual/fine. The cheese selection at Wild Honey is usually icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Head up through Marleybone and check out here: good for a light lunch etc but must see if you at all like cheese. If you are into walking- you can easily hit Marleybone walking between Mayfair and Oxford St.
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The Square - Bruton Street

There are some pubby restaurants around Shepherds Market including the Boudin Blanc not far from your hotel.

I can't not mention the Wallace Collection which every visitor to London should see and it does have a very nice cafe. +1 to the Fromagerie in the same area but you may need to queue.
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Originally Posted by juniper View Post

Anywhere in Europe is a cheap flight away. London City Airport has 10-mins-before-departure check in times (15 mins if you're checking bags). Madrid? Venice? Oslo?

Why on earth would anyone willingly go to Oslo on a holiday, it's expensive and the city sucks, I'm there fairly regularly for work and that place makes me want to bash my head in.

Back on Topic check out, they have info what's going on London and hotel booking via their site. is mentioned in almost every London thread on here, so it should be worth checking out.
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Hotel and Restaurant choice will depend on your budget. I think Royal Garden is good enough, it has luxurious facilities for dining. River Cafe can be an optional hotel for it. We had a London Tour two times. British Museum, London eye, Tower of London are my favorite attractions in London.  

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Sorry I never reported back. We had a wonderful time, could really see ourselves living there. The suite at the May Fair Hotel was fantastic. Best meal we had was at Ramsay's Petrus, had tea at the Browns Hotel on Saturday afternoon. Other than that we mostly shopped and hit gastropubs. Best few days we have spent together in a long time. I was really shocked by how friendly and accommodating everyone was, from the hotel staff to strangers, even airport workers were extremely friendly and courteous.
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Bumping this thread. Debating staying at either Grosvenor House (JW Marriott) or the May Fair. Can anyone compare? Read some so-so reviews of May Fair on Tripadvisor.

Also, has anyone been to Wild Honey? Surely there must be more restaurant recommendations for London.

Also, where should I do Sunday lunch / brunch?
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Hotels - The Grosvenor House is an iconic London hotel, the Mayfair is not. As a local I cannot tell you about the quality of the rooms in either of them though.

Restaurants - Sunday Lunch -
It may be a bit obvious but had you thought of the Grand Divan at Simpsons in the Strand which will be busy on a Sunday.
I like Hix on Brewer Street but have never been there for Sunday Lunch so cannot tell you what the atmosphere will be.
Le Caprice is always worth considering,
I have never had Sunday Lunch at the Grosvenor House but Michael Winner (a grumpy old food critic and erstwhile film director) used to rate it highly.
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Thank you culver. I was considering Simpson's. And I will keep my reservation at Grosvenor House, then.

Anyone have suggestions for the best place to get meat pies?
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