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Yeah, I really can't complain about mine, and they get a lot of compliments.

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I'm a size 7 in boots regularly, am I out of luck since I'm only seeing 7.5 as the smallest size and people are saying this boot fits much larger than what it's labeled as.
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FYI. Blake's seem to be on sale right now online, 30% off. Got some last night. With free shipping + tax it came to $110.
They also had the same model but in brown at around $75 - but not in my size. : (
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I thought some people might be interested in this. Mr. B Montano's are on sale for $100 + free shipping or $90 + free shipping with the 10% off discount code at Aldo until Monday:

The rust colorway reminds me of the Alden Roy boots, and the suede versions look nice too. I'm not sure of the quality, but per the Mr. B website, they are welted and can be resoled. There are some icons on the right side, and if you hover your pointer over the bottom right icon, you'll see the details:
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Chiming in to point out that the "Korns" brogue boot with a lugged sole is now on sale for $125, and with the 10% off coupon that you get for signing up for their email comes to $113ish pre-tax, with free shipping.


Not sure if anyone has any experience with these, but I liked the look of them in green (but not enough to pay the premium of a nicer boot in green) so I went for it.  Fingers are crossed that they're at least a bit better than the average Aldo garbage, but if they aren't, I'll just return them.

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Guys, i usually wear size 9 shoes. So for these pair of boots do you recommend that i downsize to 8 instead?

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That's what I had to do. I also needed an insole to get the fit right.
And be pretty for 2 or 3 rough wears. I got a blister from the first 2 wears. I know guy who had a similar experience but then they locked,right in.
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Hi guys, just received my aldo Blakes. They look gorgeous out of the box. Just a word of caution to all you guys, the sizes run ridiculously big. I usually wear a size 9 or 9.5 but in these boots I wear a size 8 and theres still plenty of room. I can even include an insole to make it fit better! Oh well it looks great so far so no return for me I guess.
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Bought a pair of cognac Mr B's from Aldo and am really, really pleased with them. I'm a 44 and found the fit graet. With I had bought the burgundy version as well before ALDO stopped stocking them. I will try a pair of Malhi boots next.


PS - anyone know if the Ketts are still available any whare?

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My gf and I one day in the Fall. I really love these boots.

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Picked up a pair of the Mr. B blake boots last year for 100$ trashed them all winter, polished them up in the spring and they were as good as new. Recently ive acquired a pair of alexander mcqueen military boots and red wing beckmans, Just noticed the cognac version is on for 69.99 in my size so i snagged that for this winter as to become my destruction boot. aka beat the crap out of it this winter and save my nicer boots for the fall, mild winter days, and the spring
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Anyone have a quick & easy method for cleaning the white vibrams soles on the Grenson Fred?
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I've been a big Grensons fan for a while now and was about to buy another pair until I saw these - just order a pair on eBay :slayer:


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First, thank you all for such a great place to learn and find good information on style, quality, and all things sartorial. I know this thread has been dead for more than quite a while, but I wanted to run something by some of the Mr. B's Blake fans here in case some of you may be interested in a pair. I'm new to the forum and to style as a whole, and I'm rebuilding my wardrobe from almost nothing and beginning my new shoe collection with various styles and colors of brogues and chukkas. I've been watching mostly Allen Edmonds along with some Grenson and a few similar brands and styles of wingtip boots. I ran across this thread last week after finding a pair of the Blakes for a decent price.  After reading this thread and some other reviews, I decided to go ahead and get the Mr. B's. I figured they'd get me started with a good looking boot at the very least, and eventually I could redo these in blue or burgundy to have some fun with and move up to Allen Edmonds or Grenson when the right sale comes along. 


They came in yesterday and looked better than I expected. I really couldn't tell that they had been worn before aside from maybe inside someone's home, or maybe they were a display model. I wear a size US 12D in most shoes and these are a size 46R European. My opinion is that they fit somewhere in between a 12.5 and 13 in average US men's shoe brands. I'm really happy with the way these look, and for the intended use, they're exactly as wanted - but they're just a little too big for me so my heels slide in them. I wore them last night mostly on my feet at an art event for about 6 hours. I could probably put in a thick insole and wear thick socks and give them time to break in some more, but I just ran across a few other styles and brands of wingtips for good prices and thought since there seemed to be a good number of people who really liked these Blakes when they came out and they aren't carried anymore, maybe if someone here wanted these, then I could just sell them and go ahead and upgrade while getting a better fit. I'm tight on cash, so to make the decision on whether to go ahead and buy the others now, I'd pretty much need to go ahead and sell these and know I'd have that money coming back to me. One of the pairs I'm considering has an auction ending tomorrow, so I figured I'd just see if anyone here was interested in buying my like new size 46R Mr. B's Blakes in "honey oak" for $75, including shipping to anywhere in the continental US. If nobody bites pretty soon, I'll likely just keep them and get some thick insoles and wear thicker socks and eventually dye them blue or burgundy after I'm able to upgrade.



When they arrived yesterday, I immediately wiped them down with some Lexol, then did a quick, thin application of meltonian light brown cream. They haven't had a true polish job. They're not perfect, but there's nothing wrong with them either and if you're in this thread, then you know exactly what they are. The burnishing on them isn't perfect, but it's subtle. I'm sure someone can do a great job on them if they really want them looking great and know what they're doing, but as a casual boot to kick around in anytime, anywhere, I think they're awesome like they are. They aren't dress boots and they aren't Aldens. If anyone is interested in them, contact me and I'll start you an eBay listing for them with a Buy It Now of $75. That way your purchase is covered and you can pay through PayPal. I have a 100% eBay rating and 205 transactions. Let me know. Thanks for your time and for your great resource here!








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Hey all. So, normally I am pretty inclined to write off anything Aldo as being overpriced crap, but then I stumbled across these.

I've seen Mr. B'S shoes before and wasn't impressed. They appeared to be heavily corrected grain leather on top of poorly glued leather soles. But these boast Horween leather, and a stitched construction, as well as a $275 price tag in contrast to last year's $175 price. I don't have a huge budget for shoes, and if these dip down on sale, which Aldo always does, they'd fit the bill perfectly. Has anyone seen these in person?
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