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Mr B's Blake boots vs Grenson Sharp/Fred

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Hi Gents:

Grenson has been my go to brand for best quality/price ratio shoes

I was looking for a pair of Grenson boots in the Sharp or Fred model but I cant find anything under USD 250. I found these boots from Mr B's which are sold (and made maybe) by ALDO for USD 175 and I can apply a 15% off coupon.

I know about the rep ALDO has in the fora, but can someone comment on Mr B's quality and looks? I have several pair of shoes in my rotation and I dont plan to wear the new boots very hard. Any other alternatives?

The Grensons Fred and Sharp can be seen on the links below.
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Although I'm not a fan of Aldo, I'd like to know what people think about this new line as well.

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I saw these at Aldo and tried them on, they fit nicely and are more in my price range then some other brands I may covet.


 I did ask the sales person and emailed Aldo to ask if they are recraftable or resolable, they both said I could do so with no guarantees from them.  The only reason I asked was to hopefully try and get some idea how they were made.

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does anyone know if these fit true to size or run small/big?

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im not sure if these boots are made by aldo or just distributed by them as for the quality  and size  i have actually ordered these and can let you know how they feel once i receive them in a few days,

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I just picked up a pair of Mr. B's Blake Brogue Boots in cognac. $175 from Aldo.

I wear a 9 1/2 in boots and a 10 in tennis shoes. I tried these on in a 43 and they were huge. The 42 fit me just the way I like my boots to fit...a little loose with a thin sock, but nice and comfortable with a nice heavy dress sock. Can't wait to wear these bad boys.

I took a few pics (edited with better pics)...




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I've seen the advertising for these and wondered about them myself. I think they are sold in Aldo stores - I may have to go check them out. I will be interested to hear from someone after they wear them.
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I tried them on last night. They will definitely require some breaking in, as they are quite stiff. They did look great with my dark jeans though.

Here's a little more info on the Mr. B's line taken from their "Gentlemen's Boutique" Webpage...

All told, our shoemaking process involves over 50 individual pieces, nearly all of them made by hand in Europe’s finest factories by craftspeople trained in Italy’s Brenta region (The shoes actually say they are "Made in Romania"...which happens to be where numerous luxury brands are made). Handmaking shoes gives them character – subtle patterns in the stitching, or colouring in the upper, reflect the fact that a human has made them. The beauty is in the imperfection.

Detailed Overview of Mr. B's Shoe/Boot Construction






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Damn, thinking about giving these a try. Good to know they aren't made by Aldo
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i really like this color:
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I'm sort of scared that I'm contemplating buying anything from Aldo, even if they don't make the damn thing
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I am not sure what to think of these. My girlfriend has known since about August that for Christmas she is buying me the Tricker's Malton with a commando sole. When we walked past Aldo in the mall today these Mr. B boots were on display and she pointed out that "these are your boots!". I became very flustered. Of course Tricker's Malton is better quality, uses better leathers, has a nicer last, etc. but are they really worth the extra $300? When I looked at the Mr. B boots they didn't look like they were corrected grain. How am I going to explain the Tricker's to her? ffffuuuu.gif

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YOu just had to shoot this thread down
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They look spectacular for the price. I wish someone here would chime in on the durability and construction.
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Originally Posted by LukeM View Post

They look spectacular for the price. I wish someone here would chime in on the durability and construction.

The post above with the "Black Squares" contains what the company says about the construction. ( no two are exactly alike, Craftspeople trained in Italy’s Brenta region, Leather sourced from tanneries in Tuscany & Veneto, Drum-Dyed Leather, Not Corrected/Painted Leather, Leather inside and Out, Triple Layer All Leather Sole, etc.) Regarding the durability...don't think any of us have worn them yet to give a report.

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