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double post
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IMO this is all wrong on Netflix, but my opinion is in the stock thread. And I'm not an investor in NFLX, and don't intend to be, but a customer who thinks this is blown all out of proportion, and still cling to my subscription to both services.
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triple connection farted I think hah. sorry
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Interesting thought, but the content providers do realize two things: 1. They don't have the capability to replicate Netflix and 2. Ultimately, if they don't correct their own courses, they will be the ones going under.

Content is not a great or even good business to be in, and everyone knows that. Disney recently announced that they are moving away from content creation to focus on theme parks. Distributing content, though, is where money is going to be made. And in my opinion distributing through the internet onto mobile devices is an industry with still huge growth prospects.

I take comfort in the fact that 80+ million people paid a much higher price for HBO and HBO doesn't have nearly as much content as even streaming netflix has. If NFLX can improve the quality of the content to something closer to HBO's original series, I don't see why they won't overtake HBO.
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Killing the Golden Goose
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+1. The Kevin Spacey show, even though it sounds incredibly boring, could very well be an exciting glimpse into the future.

Is HBO content still premium anyway? Aside from Game of Thrones, I haven't seen much of what they are offering these days. As lame as it makes me, I'm still eating sour grapes over the cancellation of Carnivale and Deadwood so my opinion is still along the lines of "fuck HBO".
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I enjoy the Boardwalk series. I think the clothing is fantastic. HBO is $26 a month in my area. I have it on promotion right now and am not sure I will keep it. There is nothing I'd really use my spare time to watch on it besides Boardwalk Empire.
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