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Unwritten rules on returns

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Good morning.


I bought a brand new pair of shoes from a vendor here.  It is of a significant discount.  He sells a lot of these mid priced shoes.  A great service to Styleforum if I may add.  Not having a lot of experience about this brand of shoes (I only own a pair), I PMed the vendor about sizing.  He adviced me to go to a local shop and try it on first.  Of I went to Nordstrom and was told after a brannock device fitting that I am 8E in the shoe that I am interested in.


I proceeded to place an order.  A week later, shoes came in.  It was a little to big for me.  Plus I didn't like the color.  Too dark than the one in the picture.  


Color is not that important as I can deal with them, that size I can't (unless my feet grows half inch bigger - doubtful or the shoes for some reason shrinks).  I politely asked for a replacement.  


I was informed no return or replacement is accepted.  I replied that it was not mentioned in his advertisements that all sales are final.  He then said it is a B&S rules.  I checked and it there is no mention of it.  He then said it is an unwritten rule.


I accept the responsibility that I should have know the "unwritten rule".  But since I am dealing with a (online) vendor who is selling brand new, direct from factory shoes, I expect certain level of service, regardless of how or where it was sold.  An unwritten rule of customer service so to speak.


I would also like to add, other than not being able to get an agreement on how to handle the replacement, our conversation has been very cordial.  


Any advice on proper way to go about?


Thank you and have a nice day.

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By buying through B&S you accept the risk of the item not working out for you - it is so to speak the price you pay for the substantial discount you receive.

He took precaution in asking you to try the shoes out before. You did not - instead you relied on a brannock device. I don't see why he should suffer from you not adhering to his suggestion before buying.

As for colour, screen brightness, colour correction and camera settings can all greatly influence what the colour looks like. Simply put, it is another of the vagaries of ordering things online.

And lastly, he stated nothing about returns BEING available. I don't see why the negative as opposed to the positive should be stated, Why didn't you inquire about the possibility of returns before ordering?

In short, suck it up. Resell the shoes.
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The general understanding is that returns are not accepted unless the seller materially misrepresented the item in the listing. Some sellers choose to go above and beyond that but are not obligated to do so.

Frankly, unless you have physically tried on the exact manufacturer and last of a particular shoe, you shouldn't buy it online unless you just have money to burn or are willing to go to the effort of reselling them if (when) they do not fit.
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I appreciate the replies.  This is being discussed on another thread as well.  The seller and I are trying to negotiate a deal that will be mutually beneficial.

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Usually, you just resell something you bought here. I'll take a return when there's an issue in the product that I consider an unknown defect (happened once) or if I inadvertently misrepresent something (which hasn't happened).

In the case of a pro who's selling new or similar, then it'd be nice if they offered an exchange. Individuals can't be expected to operate like they're a store.
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