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ya he does. By the way be careful of piling money on to an overseas credit card though - Vietnam capital flow laws make it damn hard to pay back from here. If you cant see the seersucker, try next door in Minh's fabric store - Minh is his wife.
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No seersucker at Dung or next door, according to Minh. But that didn't stop me from putting in an order this evening for a basic 2-button 2-piece cashmere suit and a couple of shirts, ready next month on the 15th. The total price for everything was just $210, which really surprised me.
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weird, I watched someone buying one in there a year or so ago.

It fit well, but looked awful (and he knew it)...he said 'oh well, always wanted a seersucker, and now I know they don't suit me'
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Maybe that's why they don't sell it anymore. Anyway, I was impressed with the place, and the price, and am looking forward to going back.
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Has anybody had this experience at Dung? I went there today for the fitting, and instead of bringing out what will become my jacket, they brought out the beginnings of a jacket made out of a really cheap-looking throwaway material, but made to my measurements and specifications. They said that they didn't have enough of the material I ordered from them to make a suit and I needed to choose a different fabric, and they would use the alterations done on the cheap material as a template for making the suit out of the new fabric.
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nope, that's a first....
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Hi guys, remember me? Haven't been online in a while, just remembered I never posted a picture of my suit from Dung, so here it is, as worn at my work Xmas party. You can't really tell in this picture because of the way my arms are folded, but one sleeve is about 2 cm longer than the other, I need to take it back to get it adjusted. Other than that, it's a pretty good suit.
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Resuscitating an old thread here (im new; Gday styleforums!), but for the guys living in Vietnam currently, hows the situation with getting fabric in?

Im goin to be livin with the rellies for a 3 months soon (in Hoi An no less... my uncles in Lonely Planet ... but Dung's the best by everyones purview) and was thinkin of getting howard to send abit of fabric to where im stayin and just take it down with me to saigon. Wont be gettin much to start of with, so only need about 4m.

I just havent been able to find anythin about Vietnams current tariff structure... any help be appreciated

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You should be fine. I was there last December. As I can remembered, the custom form only asks for valuables like Jewelries, cash, and some restricted stuffs like alcohol and tobacco. 4m of fabric is nothing.
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thanks for the reply onix... its actually a bit of a bigger trip i got planned... be goin through south east asia for several months, hence i wanted howard to send the fabric to my address in hoi an... i dont know if that'll be a problem
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I am looking to get some items made. What is the pricing like for odd jackets and suits at Dung and the other place mentioned in Hanoi?
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so not worth having shirts made here? i'm in saigon now.
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Just curious, is Huynh Hoan Tailor still around? They would be located at 13 Phan-Van-Dat in Saigon. At least, that's where they once were. My father claims they were the best tailors back in the day.

I was over at my parents' place for lunch last weekend and pulled out the only suit my father has kept. He recently told me he had it made about 40 years ago with cloth a good friend had given him. Pictures in family albums confirm that my old man's memory re that suit is pretty accurate.

Here are a few closeups I snapped:


handsewn buttonhole

messy inside = proof buttonholes were handsewn?

inside pant hem

faux lapel buttonhole

underside lapel

The suit is SB 2B with very narrow lapels and skinny single pleat trousers. The most obvious sign of the suit's age are its lining which isn't as fresh as it once was. When worn, the suit sags as only a suit that old (which has seen a lot of wear) can. I believe Foo refers to this as 'well worn and lived in'.

I can only hope to have a suit still fit me that well after 40 years.
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Got fit pics on that one???
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Originally Posted by super View Post
Got fit pics on that one???

Here's my dad wearing it at a wedding we attended this summer. Keep in mind the suit was made some 40 years ago and the man has shrunken a bit with age. He will celebrate his 88th birthday later this year.

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