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Joeg, i'm curious, what's your educational  

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background? You seem very well rounded. I just finished reading that Interesting Article thread heh... I completely agree with you about your opinions on that article btw ;p I agreed with *most* of what you said afterwards too. BTW that fox article just made me think of something else. I think Fox has hit a new low with that Joe Millionaire crap. I don't even watch the show, but someone I game with in irc posted a link to a yahoo news article about how that sarah chick has appeared in countless bondage&foot fetish films. I dunno, maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if those "films" weren't even in existence until that article appeared on the smoking gun. I looked at the "controversial" video stills and photos expecting to see some pretty messed up stuff. The girl is completely CLOTHED in every still and is apparently clothed throughout the entirety of the "bondage" films. It's not exactly my thing, but i can't imagine anyone making bondage films with clothed chicks and no sexual activity (or even inuendo) at all ;p I think the whole thing is a publicity stunt by fox to increase ratings. It's not like that would be below them. I can't think of any other reason why films like that would exist.
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background? You seem very well rounded.
Thanks for the kind words. Fashion-wise, I learned mostly from my father and one of my uncles, along with a few tailors more recently. Non-fashion-wise, I spent primary and secondard school years at a boarding school in Lagos (along with a "year abroad" in Lahore), and wrote my BA (Political Science) and MA (International Affairs) at a consistently top five (according to both US News & the AP college basketball polls ) US university. I've also had some cool internships and scholarships since then. I'm selling out now, but awaiting my law school entrance results. (Should be easier since without having someone hit my rental car right before the test my score shot up 14 points to just about where it should have been...) Peace, JG
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