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Need opinions re military

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Hi guys,

I'm currently writing my masters thesis and would like to ask a favour of you (especially the younger guys on here). I have links for two army recruitment videos below - one is a recent one for the Australian army and the other for the U.S. army. Now, if you're from either country, please really try to separate your nationality from the equation (I know that's not an easy thing to do). I'm mainly after what emotions these two videos give you, so try to switch of your intellect as much as possible rather than critiquing them like Roger Ebert.

How old are you and have you ever considered military enlistment?
How do each of these ads make you feel?
Which of these ads would make you want to join the army more and why?

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UK, 22, Male(Advertising and Marketing student)

Australian Ad:
The ad seemed to me to be highlighting the great tradition and history of the army. I didn't really feel that any great skill was needed to join, and that one could be a part of it no matter what. I also felt like it was lying to me a little: there was no indication that the army is basically about killing and being killed. I kind of feel that if I joined up on the basis of that campaign, and woke up in Iraq I would feel pretty shitty.

Key words: History, duty, tradition, magnificence,

American Ad:
This add appears a touch more honest, with a check-list of characteristics that I'm being asked to have before signing up. The music, composition and arrangement seem more geared towards string patriotism and challenges which would probably encourage me to join if I possessed any of the traits they were after.

Key Words: Passion, majesty, exiting, elite.

As a very non-military type person, I would say the Aussie advert is more likely to make me join, but intellectually I know it contains a higher bullshit quotient.
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US, 52, Former US Marine. Admittedly, I am old and I am way beyond cynical about this type of thing.

Australian: Nice play on tradition. I don't know how hot and heavy the Australian Army is involved in the things going on now, but this makes it look like they are all about humanitarian missions, not that there is anything wrong with that. I just don't know if it is an honest portrayal.

US: Meh. Too long, too much text, too fragmented. It all looks weak, like "find your strength in the Army" as the girls are helped over the obstacle. I suppose that looking tough or elite may get in the way of filling recruiting quotas. Absolutely unappealing to me.

Unsolicited editorial comment: If you want to get in some adventures involving shooting join the Army or the Marines, but don't kid yourself that this is all about protecting Mom and apple pie.
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20, Male, Seriously considered enlisting in the marines

The Aussie one is a general load of fooferie- a bunch of feel good junk that doesn't exactly capture what a military does. If I'm going to be helping children and playing soccer with my friends, I'd rather be doing it with a job that pays more than 14k a year.

The American one was too long. I got bored after a minute and a half. It's still more moto than the Australian one, but once again, it's just not it. I'd be more convinced to join after watching this one, but it's not going to be getting me over to the recruiter's office.

Unsolicited opinion: if you want a commercial to get me and every other young, impressionable male to join the military, show me a 45 second clip of a recon raid, a marine sniper taking out a target, SEAL team CQ footage, etc.
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40, Australian and American. Served in the ADF.

I'm just naturally cynical or something - no TV ad is going to affect such a big life decision as enlistment. I did find the Australian ad more entertaining and watcheable.
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Both bullshit, the reality of life in the army is being shot/blown up by foreigners who you then have to give chocolate to.

Also, the Australian accent is stupid.
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28, male

Australian ad:

Seems to prey on impressionable young men, but seems to portray a somewhat realer view of what it's like in the military, albeit with less humanitarian aid.

US Ad:

Very long and melodramatic. I couldn't watch the whole thing.

I have considered auditions for the marine band. I decided against it due to many reasons. The marine band is quite different from most military careers, since it doesn't require basic training.

Neither ads would influence positively my choice to join the military. If anything, I don't enjoy being lied to and the ads tend to paint a different picture from what it really is like in the military. I have friends who are currently in the military or have been discharged (air force, army and marines). I have heard from them what it's like. The good (pilot loves his job and gets a nice salary), and the bad (many complications with the GI bill, PTSD). First hand conversations with enlistees is the only thing that would help me decide if I wanted to join the military.
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25, male

Currently in the ADF as a reserve infantry officer.

Australian ad: Plays up the core values that the ADF wants the public to see, which is 'mateship' and humanitarian aid. To be fair that is what the ADF primarily does these days. We only send in the commandos and SAS into the middle east if we're expecting stiff resistance. We have combat engineers in the Afghan theater at the moment and they suffer heavy casualties but it's more from the nature of their work than heavy combat attrition (explosive ordinance disposal and controlling/denying access to the enemy while enabling access to friendlies).

The Aussie ad is more down to earth and emphasizes humanitarian aid, or the opportunity to help our less fortunate neighbours while having a good time with the friends you make in the ADF. It's what drew me to the ADF in the first place as a way to give back to the community because I sure as hell am not spending my time being paid well.

American ad: It looks like something you'd see from an ad for a Call of Duty game. It glorifies war to an almost disgusting level. Extremely melodramatic and almost fascist. That said it would certainly resonate with a lot of kids these days and this sort of thing would have done it for me when I was a teenager.
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Waistcoat - Did either want to make you join up?
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I found the music in the US Army ad to be more stirring and less pretentious than the pandering quasi-poprock music that seemed to be calculated to be as inoffensive as possible.

EDIT: Unsolicited digression: I've found this to be the most powerful Army ad. I would go into detail on why, but we're supposed to just give gut reactions, right?
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Male, 23, Living in the USA


1. Yes, In the US Army still in doing the one weekend a month thing now.


Australian ad:


Being a traditionalist it makes me admire the history behind the armed forces. It lacks the emotionalism that would really touch people.


American ad:


It is a good ad the music really makes the video. They paid a lot to compose that music and it worked out really well for them. I did not like the Egoism in the video about the US being the greatest. I also did not like the "diversity"


If I were to choose one based off the videos alone I'd go with the Aussies.


My favorite recruiting video of all time has to be this czech one.


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Which army team?

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Originally Posted by Nereis View Post

25, male

Currently in the ADF as a reserve infantry officer

Good to see another choco here!

Originally Posted by Reinhard00 View Post

1. Yes, In the US Army still in doing the one weekend a month thing now.

We used to describe this as being a member of the SWAT team!

Some Weekends And Tuesday evenings. biggrin.gif
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Age 35, tried to enlist at 18 & 19, turned down both times for scoliosis. Tried again at 31, had a very bad experience with the recruiter and some external things and didn't go through with it.

The Aussie is a little better, but both are pretty subpar. The American one would seem to appeal to the I-don't-know-what-do-with-my-life, weak schlub demographic. The Aussie one would seem to appeal to the demographic least likely to join.
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Originally Posted by FLMountainMan View Post

Tried again at 31, had a very bad experience with the recruiter.

What happened?
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