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Opera attire

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I recently bought a  navy blue wool, and cashmere three button sports jacket that is Donna Karan Signature. I will be going to an evening opera, and am wondering would it be appropriate to wear a white Mani French cuff shirt with a set of S.T. Dupont cufflinks, and an Alfred Dunhill regimental tie with very thin green, and red stripes on a navy blue background. Also would a matching round tie pin be appropriate? Your opinions would be appreciated.
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Labelking: Sounds like a nice outfit. Are the blazer buttons metal? Which city are you attending the opera in? Here in SF you'd be dressed perfectly, but I'm not sure about New York, DC, Boston, or Chi. I wouldn't do the tie pin simply because I don't like putting holes in my tie...But I know some of the other guys wear them- J in particular has a nice collection.
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I would agree with Steve B. re tie pins. In my experience, they have a tendency to ruin ties, and besides, if the buttons are also metal, you run a real risk of over accessorizing. (buttons, cufflinks, belt, tie pin, watch). I would stick with just the cuff-links, even if the jacket buttons are horn. As to acceptability, while I personally wear only black to evening occasions - with the occasional exception made for the deepest blue for events that begin in the late afternoon with the possibility of moving into the evening, I don't see why you can't wear whatever you like, provided that you won't embarass your date (nearly always a good rule).
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The buttons are a type of navy blue resin, or hard plastic, and the opera is in San Francisco.
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So, Labelking We are neighbors....If you ever need some help on when sales are, or who to shop with in the bay Area, let me know. Think your oufit will be great for SF..
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