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Drive is one of my all time favourite films now that i've watched it a few times. Love the white henley.
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Watched it tonight and really enjoyed it. Loved the slow pace of the movie in general, as well the well placed slow motion shots. Like in "valhalla rising" the sometimes lack of dialogue gave it great intensity. The chase scenes and amping the speed and pace of the movie provided a constrat with the rest of it and I liked how he the violence and gorey scenes were kinda cronenberg-esques. Just the right amount but with great visual strength and violent enough so you wouldn´t need more. Something else that reminded of "valhalla" was how the color red stood out in a lot of scenes. The 80s (?) vibe from the soundtrack plus gosling and the satin scorpion jacket topped it off. Must see.

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Anyone know where I can get this jacket?
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^ Haha! Thats good.
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Review from Amazon:

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
4.0 out of 5 stars Great Jacket May 14, 2013
By Justin
Size Name:Small|Amazon Verified Purchase
The jacket fits well. I prefer this one over the white/yellow scorpion one from "Drive" because, though it's unique and eye-catching with the scorpion on the back, it isn't showy or flamboyant like the other one; it's subtle and classy. It's comfortable and looks good zipped and unzipped. I was very pleased with how BingSoul, the company from which I bought it, handled my order.
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Show us a picture of you wearing it
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Oooooooooo jimmy Wilson has a crush on Ryan Gosling. Ooooo
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I would like to know if I am cool enough to wear the replica Drive jacket. (Y/N?)

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Definetelly not a easy jacket to wear.

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I was watching "Le nom de la rose" with Sean Connery and I discovered that Nino is on it. 


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Originally Posted by Bower View Post

I was watching "Le nom de la rose" with Sean Connery and I discovered that Nino is on it. 

If anyone doubts that whites have some Neanderthal DNA, I think Ron Perlman is strong evidence for it.
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Yes, that´s a great example.

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