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Originally Posted by kr00kd View Post

So I'm getting ready to get my 4th pair of jeans as my strike golds are getting near the end of their rope. Would like some opinions/advice! So far the jeans I have got are:

SExI14 -> Iron Heart 301s -> Strike Gold 5109 

As you can see, I stay with the slim/tapered cuts. I got the SExI14's in sz 34, they fit pretty perfect, but are on the slimmer side through the legs for my taste, top block is almost perfect. I then got the Iron Heart 301s in sz 34. The iron heats must have run big or I messed up sizing because the size 34 is too big for me now, so they stay up in my closet.
Most recently I got a pair of 5109.I got them in a size 33 and they fit fantastic. A touch big in the waist - but nothing a belt cant fix. And through the legs the fit it perfect. 

So I am looking for help deciding my next pair. I am currently between:

1. Strike Gold 1109/2109/5109

2. Strike Gold 009LTD

3. SExSG24-09

4. 3Sixteen ST-140x/ST-100xk
5. SExI08
6. Iron Heart 301s-14 (the 21oz is too much for me)

So based off of the strike gold 5109 size 33/SExI14 size 34 in fit and size -what are some jeans you would recommend? Do you have any experience with the jeans listed above? If so I'd love to hear (especially if you have owned multiple ones including 5109 so you can compare). I am a big fan of slubby, interesting denim. Do you have any other jeans you think I may like and would fit the bill?

Thanks a bunch guys I appreciate at. 

I believe you also emailed me for advice and I replied..
I think you should look at the SG 009LTD or Iron Heart's 301 or 633 fit.
With the IH jean you have such a wide range of denim colors and weights that once you decide on the fit you have a wide range of denim styles to choose from.
I know you're leaning towards the 301 but the 633 is a really good fit if you want a slight bit more room in the top block. If not, the 301 is the way to go.
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SG 009 are fantastic jeans

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Iron Heart Indigo Heavy Herringbone Workshirt & Jacket Restocks

We've just received an amazing heavy herringbone shirt made of yarn dyed indigo cotton, available as a workshirt with black cat's eye buttons.

Along with this new shirt we've received a full restock of denim Type III jackets, rider's denim jackets in black and ingigo, and black denim vests.

Shop Iron Heart Online


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Stevenson Quartermaster Pants, Heartland Jacket, Shirts, Hoodies, & Watch Caps

We've just received a large shipment of Stevenson shirts, hoodies, jackets, pants, and watch caps. We have some very special items in this delivery with almost every piece being something we'd been eagerly awaiting since we place our orders for this shipment months ago.

All these items are available now at all Self Edge stores and in our online store.

Shop Stevenson Overall Co. Online






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Flat Head Loopwheeled Hoodies, Winter Flannels, & Heavy Thermals

We've just received one of the nicest hoodies we've seen from Flat Head. They've taken their heavy loopwheeled fabric and turned it into a solid black hoodie with chainstitch embroidered patches, custom ribbing, and a black Universal zipper.

Along with the new hoodie we've received two new winter flannels and a heavy thermal shirt with Flat Head's over the top construction and fabric.

We sold through the new heavyweight 8002 slim tapered jean faster than anticipated and have also just received a small restock of these jeans at all stores.

Shop Flat Head Online





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that flat head hoodie is fire
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Heavyweight Hoodies & Sweaters from Strike Gold, Iron Heart, & 3sixteen

We've just received a large shipment of hoodies and crewneck sweaters in both loopwheeled and non-loopwheeled versions from Iron Heart, Strike Gold, and 3sixteen in various colors. The Strike Gold versions are now made up to size XXL for the first time.

All these warm fuzzy sweaters are available now at all of our stores.

Shop for Hoodies & Crewneck Sweaters Now











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Nine Lives Tsuriurake Loopwheeled Sweaters, DMT Jacquard Shirts, & Natural Indigo Henley Shirts are back!

A few of the items from Nine Lives' winter delivery sold far faster than we expected and we found ourselves with a waiting list of clients looking for a restock.

We're happy to announce they've done a second run of those items and they're available now at all of our stores. Nine Lives

Shop Nine Lives Online





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Iron Heart 633s-OD Overdyed Straight Tapered Jean & 666s-PD Currency Denim Jeans

One of the most unique things which Iron Heart was doing ten years ago was overdying their heavy weight denim. They were able to create a super unique fabric by taking their denim and garment dying it in black pigment dye, the polyester core stitching wouldn't take the dye color so you still got a little bit of contrast from the constructional stitching. Over the years some of the best examples of worn in jeans we've seen have been from Iron Heart's overdyed range. We're happy to announce that we are releasing a new version using their 18 ounce denim as the base denim cut into their very popular straight tapered 633 fit.

We've also received Iron Heart's new 666s-PD jean. With this new denim they’ve taken the warp yarn from their 18oz denim and woven it with a weft yarn made of Japanese Yen currency pulp. These jeans are literally made of cash money. The reasoning behind this is that currency pulp is stronger than cotton so while the warp is made of the cotton yarn used for their 18oz denim jeans the weft is a super light weight currency pulp that’s been spun into yarn, in the end the denim clocks in at 14oz per square yard. What you have is a lighter weight (especially for Iron Heart) denim that is super strong due to the currency pulp weft.

Both of these jeans are available now in small numbers at all of our stores.

Shop Iron Heart Online


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Hi Kiya. I'm thinking about getting one of the Flat Head Card Cases. Can't decide which one to get. Any suggestions?
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Originally Posted by Valmak View Post

Hi Kiya. I'm thinking about getting one of the Flat Head Card Cases. Can't decide which one to get. Any suggestions?

I would go for this one:
That's the slimmest one of them all and you can't beat that shell cordovan color combo.
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Originally Posted by kiya View Post

I would go for this one:
That's the slimmest one of them all and you can't beat that shell cordovan color combo.
any idea how it will patina?
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Originally Posted by Valmak View Post

any idea how it will patina?

Yes, the darker part of each of these wallets is made of the same shell cordovan and those are all varying degrees of wear:
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Studio D'Artisan Memphis x Zimbabwe Jeans, Natural Indigo Hank-Dyed Jeans, & Steel Buckle Belts

Studio D'Artisan is an especially exciting brand for us because of how well they still push the envelope for a brand that's been around since the late 70's. This month we've receive two very special new jean models and a new belt in two colors.

Studio D'Artisan's newest denim is a 50/50 blend of Memphis and Zimbabwe cotton fibers. Memphis cotton is known for its short staple giving the fabric a slubby look while Zimbabwe cotton is known for its long staple giving the fabric a soft hand. The blend of these two gives the denim a unique hand feel while allowing the short staple to peek through for a little bit of slub action.

For this year's natural indigo dyed jean SDA has made the heaviest weight denim they've ever done using this method of indigo hank dying. Normally a jean like this will top out at about 16oz but they've produced one which clocks in at 18.5oz.

Both of these jeans along with two new steel buckle belts are available now at all of our stores and in our online store.

Shop Studio D'Artisan Online



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3sixteen Shadow Selvedge Jacket & Jean Restocks

We've been waiting a long time for this jacket restock to come in and it's finally here.

All of our stores have received the new run of 3sixteen's Shadow Selvedge Type III denim jacket along with a full restock of all jeans from 3sixteen and 3sixteen+, hoodies, t-shirts, and crewneck sweaters.

Shop 3sixteen Online

Shop 3sixteen+ Online

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