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Roy's New 11oz Denim "Big Bro" Jean

We've got a new jean from Roy Slaper coming and it's a doozy. This model has a newly developed lightweight fabric, clocking in at 11oz per square yard in its raw state. The fabric has a very vintage feel and shade to it, being very close to the Deeptone denim Cone offered in the early 40's.
The fit comes in somewhere between his last two releases (The Buck-Tite and the SF-01), with it being easy to size down a bit for a slimmer fit or go up a size and get a straight fit without making the jean look too baggy.

Also, this new model has some details which are new to Roy's jeans such as tin-plated brass buttons, two-prong copper plated brass rivets, a mini steel buckle-back, and a few other details that you'll discover yourself.

These jeans will go on sale at Noon (local time) at all four Self Edge stores on Saturday, October 19th and at 10am (PDT) in our online store on the same day.

Check the product page for full measurements, a full spec list, more info, and high-res photographs.

Shop Roy's Jeans Online

Vintage Letterpress Machine and Plates Used to Produce Leather Patch:

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The new Roy release is up!
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New Flat Head Fall/Winter Shirts, Tees, Socks, & More

A super-duper hot shipment of new shirts, tees, socks, and more just showed up from Flat Head.

First up we've got a short sleeve black shirt with a discharge print that is a spaced out paisley pattern. Spaced out as in the pattern is sparse, not spaced out like PJ O'Rourke in the 70's.

The fastest selling shirt we stocked this past spring was Flat Head's indigo dyed linen short sleeve. We now have the long sleeve version of the same shirt so that now you can get them honeycombs with your elbow flexes.

We've also received a full restock of blank Flat Head tees available in three colors. This is our first time stocking the white versions of these tees due to receiving many requests for this color.

Japanese companies are very good at taking the normal and making it so intense that you wonder how you ever lived with the pedestrian version. Flat Head has done with with their new heavy winter merino wool socks, folded in half they sit about three times as high as our next heaviest sock. They're super soft and are sure to last longer than your current socks; these are available now in both navy/black or olive/black striped versions.

Along with these new items we've gotten full restocks of Flat Head's belts, cordovan card cases, Wild Child wallets, and all jean models. Check the online store for spec lists, measurements, and more.

Shop Flat Head Online

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3sixteen+ Indigo-Dyed Linen Shirt & 34BSP Heavyweight Brown Weft Jeans

We've got two new limited edition items from 3sixteen+ this week including a shirt and a pair of jeans.

First we have a short sleeve shirt made of a Japanese pure indigo-dyed linen. The fabric feels cool to the touch and is sure to age well over time as the indigo fades. The fabric was woven in Okayama (Japan) and the shirt was cut and sewn in the USA and comes with natural corozo nut buttons which have already taken on a bit of the color from the indigo fabric.

Recently 3sixteen celebrated their 10th anniversary by creating the Decade Collection, a set of items made to commemorate ten years of being in business, and released at their pop-up shop in NYC. We're happy to announce that we are now carrying one of those items at Self Edge, the 34BSP jean. This is the 30BSP cut, which has turned into one of our most popular fits, in a newly developed 17oz selvedge fabric with a brown pigment dyed weft. This gives the fabric a very unique indigo shade, we're excited to see people wear these in over time, we've had a denim similar to this from Strike Gold and those have looked great over the years.

Both the new indigo-dyed shirt and the 34BSP jean are available now at all Self Edge stores and in our online store. Jeans modeled by SESF's Eugene Terrible, shirt modeled by Josh Harris. Check the online store for full measurements, specs, and high-res photographs.

Shop 3sixteen+ Online

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Iron Heart Heavy Herringbone Flannels, 12oz Black/Black Snap Shirts, Extra Heavy Flannels, & Indigo Selvedge Bandanas

Iron Heart's winter shirts have started to come in and they look and feel great. This week we have four new shirts and an indigo-dyed selvedge bandana.

First up we have Iron Heart's heavy herringbone flannel shirt. This shirt comes in two new colors and has Iron Heart's new branded black Permex buttons, felled inner seams, and a brushed interior.

For their 10th Anniversary Iron Heart did a new version of their black/black snap shirt, this one comes in a new denim with a small "10th Anniversary" branded tag. These things are just asking to be beat up and look great with some wear on them.

Next up we have Iron Heart's yearly super heavy weight flannel, the feel and look of this pattern is seriously good. These are sure to go quick as they've become one of the most collectible Iron Heart shirts.

We're happy to see a fresh take on the classic bandana with this new Iron Heart design. With this new indigo dyed bandana they've incorporated the selvedge edge into one side of the cut bandana. The deep indigo color of the fabric will fade over time with regular use and washings.

All of these items along with a full restock of all Iron Heart jeans, jackets, belts, vests, and bracelets are available now at all Self Edge stores and in our online store.

Shop Iron Heart Online

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The William Gibson x Buzz Rickson Winter Collection

The William Gibson x Buzz Rickson collection continues to be one of the labels which we're most proud of being able to carry at our stores. The collection is released once a year, every November, with most pieces being cold weather focused. This year Toyo announced that they've gone beyond the normal straight black military reproductions which the collection has been known for. There are now some original jackets that come in colors other than black.

First up we have a navy duffle coat made of an original 34oz melton wool which has been compressed then brushed making it warm and extremely soft. This jacket comes with linen rope and natural wood toggles, angled hand pockets, a removable neck-tab, and a hood. We never thought we'd carry a duffle coat but we never thought we'd find out this good.

Next up we have a black B-29 grosgrain fabric jacket with a 100% cotton grosgrain outer, a quilted rayon inner, and a sheep shearling collar. We love that the jacket has two hand pockets placed at an angle on top of the front storage pockets. The collar is wild soft and feels amazing against your skin, this as comfortable as you're going to get in a warm jacket.

Every year we try and order as many William Gibson MA-1 jackets as we can, it's never enough. We are one of the only ones outside of Japan to carry the "Slender (Long)" version of this jacket which comes with a tad extra length so that it can be worn with an untucked shirt underneath.

We've also received a restock of the ultimate black watch cap. Made of a soft thick woven wool with minimal William Gibson branding, this will serve you for many years and soften as it wears in.

All of these items are available now at all four Self Edge stores and in our online store. Check the online store for full spec lists, high-res photographs, and measurements.

Shop the William Gibson x Buzz Rickson Collection Online

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Mister Freedom Californian Jeans & "El Americano" Indigo-Dyed Jacket

Two new items are here from Mister Freedom's 2013 winter collection.

First up we have the newest iteration of his popular "Californian" jean series. This time made of Sugar Cane's '66 denim in a traditional mid-rise jean with a little taper below the knee; cut and sewn in the USA.

Next up we've got the piece we were most excited about from the new collection, the Indigo-Dyed Cord Jacket with a Troy blanket lining. This is a 14.5oz mid-wale corduroy which has been indigo vat-dyed, custom made for Mister Freedom by Sugar Cane. Jacket comes complete with carved corozo nut buttons, flared wrist cuffs, and adjustable side cinches.

Both of these items along with a full restock of all colors of blank Mister Freedom tees are available now at all stores and in our online store.

Shop Mister Freedom Online

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Introducing Japan's John Lofgren & Co. - T-Shirts, Caps, & Hats

It's not often we add a new brand to our roster as we feel that we'd rather go deeper into the brands we carry as opposed to carrying a smattering of products across a wide range of brands. There is a brand that we've been watching for years, a brand that has thus far mostly sold to the most die-hard vintage clothing connoisseurs. That brand is Japan's John Lofgren & Company.

We'd like to introduce this brand with a set of very special t-shirts, two watch caps, and two hats. The t-shirts are quite literally perfect, from the fabric to the fit they've nailed the classic striped tee. The A-4 watch caps are available in both black and olive with minimal interior Lofgren labeling. And lastly we have a reversible bucket cap and a black nelson cap.

We've got a lot of information on each of these items on their product pages, check the appropriate page for full spec lists and lots more information.

Read more about John Lofgren & Co. or Shop Online

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^ Kiya will these be in SEPDX too, or just online/SF?
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Originally Posted by oboy_oboy View Post

^ Kiya will these be in SEPDX too, or just online/SF?

Everything we get is available at all four stores unless otherwise noted, so yeah.. all that new Lofgren stuff is at SEPDX now!
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Ahh. Awesome. I sort of thought so, but wasn't sure. Thanks!
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yoooo big ups to kiya for brining in the best version of the buzz ma-1

ordered and shipped same day that's what I'm talkin bout!

will post up pics when I wear it this weekend thanks again bruva
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I been eying one of those. What size did you go with Jet?
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I got the 42 after talking with futuresailors and fuuma for quite a bit. I've been wanting this version for quite some time and glad to see kiya stocking now I don't have to go through the hassle of sourcing it.

I think 40 would prob be perfect for you.
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Have the 40L in the ma-1 courtesy of self edge a few years ago. Love the jacket. Knew of it from the Gibson books long before I knew Rickson or Self Edge actually existed and when I found out they did it blew my mind. Had to get the L-2b with the glow in the dark blue ant tokyo embroidering too!

Though now that we are entering winter gotta give a shot out to my favorite or second favorite jacket by way of Self Edge (Close call between it and the Mr. Freedom Mulholland Master in black) and I kind of have too many if anything.

This bad boy:

Pretty much the most pimp fall/winter day jacket of all time. Imo anyways.
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