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Check the post above for what we just added to the online store!

The Self Edge "Let's Drink!" SALE - This Weekend!

Here at Self Edge we like to find any reason to drink, and better yet, drink with our customers...
So this weekend we're running a LET'S DRINK sale on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This will be the last time we're discounting anything this year. Come by the store and have a few beers with us and enjoy an 11% off (we're odd like that) sale on everything in the store.

We'll have quite a few new shirts, jeans, jackets, leather accessories, silver jewelry, and more in the store just in time for the weekend from Iron Heart, Mister Freedom, Flat Head, RJB, Strike Gold, Sugar Cane, Buzz Rickson, Dry Bones, 3sixteen, Yellow Rat, Stevenson, Kawatako, and more.

Come by and check out all the newest releases from every line we carry and restocks of all the jeans from all the brands which we stock. There's quite a bit of new product coming in daily and some will be going up in the online store over the next few days, some will be in-store only until after the weekend.

It's rare for us to have a blanket sale like this... Everything will be marked down 11% for three days so come by and have a drink and check out our new goods.
SESF & SELA will be serving locally made artisan ales and SENY will be serving Miller High Life or Yuengling because that's how they do it in New York.

In-Store Sale at SESF, SENY, & SELA:
November 25, 26, & 27 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

Self Edge Online Store Sale:
Starts 9am (PST) Friday, November 25th
Ends 5pm (PST) Monday, November 28th

Sale in-store and online will be 11% off (Excludes all printed media, CDs, & hems/repairs). Customers which are not local can use a coupon code for 11% off everything in our online store starting at 9AM (PST) Friday November 25th, the coupon code will be good until 5pm (PST) Monday, November 28th.
Sale terms cannot be retroactive for past purchases or to pre-purchase items which are not in our current stock.

Coupon Code for 11% off along with free shipping worldwide: LetsDrinkAgain
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Sale ends at 5pm (PST) today!
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Hey Kiya, any news on restocks of IH-666Sod?
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Originally Posted by ClassicRebel View Post

Hey Kiya, any news on restocks of IH-666Sod?

No restocks on those till March or so.
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New Winter Collections at Self Edge & Product Updates!

Almost every brand we carry has just delivered a bulk of their winter collections. Here are some of our favorite pieces...

Stevenson Overall Co.
Stevenson Overall Co. has delivered two jackets, one made of a red wool and the other made of a navy jungle cloth. Both jackets are tailored to fit slim with high cut armholes with a very flattering silhouette. The little details like the button-down chin strap on the Wool Booster Jacket and the great deep indigo color on the garment dyed Aviator jacket make these two standout pieces.
In about two weeks we'll also have a full restock of their indigo dyed silk watch caps.

Iron Heart
From Iron Heart we've received a full restock of all their jeans including the 301s and all belts and jackets. Along with these restocks we've gotten in their new Smoky Check Flannels, their new 2011 Ombre shirts, more Micro-Cord Shirts, and their Mock-Twist shirts in black and red. Check the online store December 7th for their new solid heavy weight flannel overshirts and their newly developed wabash shirt.

Flat Head & Real Japan Blues
From Flat Head and Real Japan Blues we've received their new winter flannel shirts along with a new cordovan hand-sewn wallet. Along with the shirts and wallet we've received a full restock of Flat Head jeans, wallets, and virgin merino wool scarves.

Strike Gold!
We got new shirts, sweaters, and a jean restock from Strike Gold but it all sold so quickly we were barely able to show them off at the stores. We're getting more of it all at all stores on December 10th.

Mister Freedom
Mister Freedom has hit us with both his new version of the Californian jean and the hotly anticipated Denim Ranch Jacket. Christophe Loiron has completely reinvented the denim jacket here with details sure to please even the most critical vintage collector.

Kawatako Leathers
From Kawatako we've gotten a long overdue full restock of all their belts, wallets, key-hooks, and camera cases. Along with this restock we've gotten a few new wallets and even a new white leather long wallet designed for women. For the price you cannot get a better leather wallet than what's coming out of this crew.

Yellow Rat
Yellow Rat brings two new shirts to their line-up including an awesome navy button down shirt inspired by late 60's Southern California surfers. Along with the new shirts we've received a restock of their Vintage Flavor gray hoodie.

Sugar Cane
Sugar Cane has sent us a full restock of all their jeans and we've finally received a full restock of their 2009 cut. Another (bigger) restock is hitting all stores in a few days.

The one-man-show simply known as Roy is currently laboring away at a batch of jeans made of an unsanforized Cone Mills fabric which he says is "the best domestic fabric" he's worked with yet. Tentative release date on these is December 21st.

In case this blog post wasn't enough reading material for you we've also just received a restock of issue 05 of Inventory Magazine (complete with a Flat Head feature), issues 05 and 06 of Lowside Magazine, and Rin Tanaka's Heller's Cafe "King of Vintage" book. Books and magazines can be found here.
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Are there any upcoming sales at the LA store?
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Originally Posted by UltimateSwag View Post

Are there any upcoming sales at the LA store?

Nope, we have about one sale a year and it was last week. No more for a very long time.
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I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how much to size down on the 316 ST-100x to get a fit that is as close as possible to the stock SelfEdge picture?


IMO that is the best fit pic on the entire site...I normally wear a 30 or a 31, my true waste size is about 30.5"

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3sixteen Jeans - Back In Stock & Better Than Ever

After barely being able to keep 3sixteen's jeans in stock for well over a year now we've received a large shipment which (hopefully) should be enough for everybody waiting to get a pair.

We feel that no other brand can offer a better value at this price point considering the quality of both the fabric and construction. The denim on these jeans is woven specifically for 3sixteen and they've got the papers to prove it. A close relationship with Kuroki Mills of Okayama (Japan) and a few visits to the mill itself yielded a set of custom fabrics which we guarantee will not be available on any other jean on the market. Designed specifically for both comfort and aging qualities, these are your best bet for a well made 5-pocket jean which is cut & sewn in America.

The guys at Put This On did a little piece on why your money is better spent on a pair of 3sixteen jeans than a pair of APC jeans which are now made in Macau China, read the piece here.

Two fits available in three denim styles are available now along with a full restock of 3sixteen's leather bracelets available in both single and dual strand versions in both tan and black leathers. Check the online store for updated measurement charts, photos, and full spec lists on the jeans.

Shop 3sixteen:

3sixteen SL-100x - Straight Leg Indigo Selvedge

3sixteen SL-200x - Straight Leg Black Selvedge

3sixteen ST-100x - Slim Leg Indigo Selvedge

3sixteen ST-200x - Slim Leg Black Selvedge
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Iron Heart Super Heavy Shirts & More

Every year Iron Heart does a new batch of heavy weight shirts for the colder months, this year they've gone up a step by offering a wider range of shirts. We've received four shirts from them this week, three of which are great for keeping warm.

First we have the Blanket Lined 8oz Denim Overshirt, it's an early 1970's style lighter shade of denim that's cotton flannel lined with the the original Troy blanket lining pattern dyed into the flannel. The sleeves are also quilted with satin for warmth and comfort. The shirt has hand-pockets and two snap-buttoned chest pockets. We love this thing and couldn't wait to get it into the stores when we first saw the samples in Tokyo.

Next up we've got two heavy flannel shirts in solid colors, both with hand pockets and two buttoned chest pockets. This shirt is available in both black and navy.

Finally we've received Iron Heart's take on a wabash fabric shirt. They start with an indigo dyed cotton yarn that's later discharge printed with the dots to create the wabash pattern. This shirt fits great and has a nice heft to it without being bulky or uncomfortable.

All four of these shirts along with a restock of the Beatle Buster, 301s, 634s, and all other Iron Heart jeans, jackets, vests, belts, bracelets, and cordovan mid-length wallets is available now at all three Self Edge stores and in our online store. Check the online store for more photos, specs, and measurements.

Shop Iron Heart Online:

Iron Heart Blanket Lined 8oz Denim Overshirt

Iron Heart Ultra-Heavy Flannel W/ Hand Pockets - Black

Iron Heart Ultra-Heavy Flannel W/ Hand Pockets - Navy

Iron Heart 12oz Wabash Snap Shirt
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Kiya, will you be stocking the IH whipcord deck jacket?
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Originally Posted by Klemins View Post

Kiya, will you be stocking the IH whipcord deck jacket?

Nope, we thought it was too pricey for the fabrics used.
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If I could afford it, the wool booster jacket is amazing. It would be "the" winter outerwear of this winter, and probably a few winters to come.

Alas... 4 kids... Love'em, but man, they are expensive.
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very curious what this looks like. don't know that this was ever hinted at existing before right now...
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