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So-Called "Remember Me?"....

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My "Remember Me?" hasn't worked properly for ages. When I log into StyleForum it's always checked off, yet I have to log in, with the two secret phrases every single time I begin here. I've unchecked it and checked it again, but to no avail?

Can anyone tell me if there's a way to remedy this? It's not exactly crucial but I would like to save ten seconds in not having to fill in those stupid boxes so many times just to see my topic threads, etc. Thanks!
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anyone know who this guy is?
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May be the level of security/trust settings in your browser? Do you routinely clear your cache, etc or use private browsing?

There may be help in the tech help threads under General.
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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

anyone know who this guy is?

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What does this have to do with Men's clothing?


General > New Forum Support
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Has nothing to do with men's clothing, dumdum. Has everything to do with using this forum.
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I didn't see any tech help buttons, but just scrolled to the very bottom and found a box to plug in inquiries not includled in FAQ.
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Cookies? Did you block your cookies?
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Where to I go to tell?
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it might be your browser settings... in firefox for example, there's a box under preferences that says clear cache / cookies when closing the window or something like that.
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