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I'm actually interviewing in a couple of hours, so you damn well know I'm going to ask this as the last question.
Thanks, GF!

How did the interview go?
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^ I think it went alright; I wasn't expecting just them shooting off questions that were on a piece of paper. The fact that the interviewers (2 of them) didn't show any emotion was unsettling.

I used that question as my last question and they both chuckled and said "we'd need a book to write it all down." Good reaction, I'd say.
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Ask them to "tell you about a time they dealt with a teammate who wasnt pulling his weight," or "what are some of their weaknesses."
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^ I was glad the interviews didn't ask me either of those. Well, they asked me "Tell me of a time/situation where you felt overwhelmed."

I keep running those questions in my head, but isn't it kind of a dick move? Sure, you're throwing it back at them, but some might take it the wrong way.
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^ Yeah that probably wouldn't go over well. Unless I was interviewing you, in which case you might be hired on the spot...
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Got 2 job offers, one in Wyoming, one in St Louis, Missouri and leaning towards the one in MO icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Thanks for the insight. I look forward to reading more about your businesses!


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