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how in the world did he get in here?
its not my doing. something weird going on?
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Originally Posted by LJubel328 View Post

Can a sportcoat with flap pockets be converted to patch pockets?

where would you get the cloth?
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Originally Posted by jpcdmd View Post

Can I get some feedback on this suit from ModernTailor? Its my first suit order from them. Paid $300. My main concern is the balance. When buttoned, the lapels bow out and wont lay flat on my chest. Also, the button pulls upward a little. I checked the box marked "Average" for posture, should I have checked "Erect"??? My guess is that the front is too short. If I try to change my posture to fit to the jacket, I have to roll my shoulders forward a little. If I stand normally, there is tension on the button and at the front of the armholes where it pulls on the chest. My other thoughts:
-pants need another .5" in length
-theres a ripple on my right shoulder, not sure what is causing it
-another ripple in the fabric at the top of the left arm, feels like something wrong with the lining in the sleeve
-pants might need letting out in the waist, as I have to suck in a little to get them buttoned, there is a horizontal wrinkle across the crotch area, and the pockets are bowed open a little
-the pockets don't line up with the plaid pattern, looks like they are angled down toward the crotch. Is this normal?
Included a pic of the jacket hanging unbuttoned to see how it drapes without button tension

This could potentially be a very Tom Ford alike piece, especially for the price you paid. However everything is too tight and needs a complete remake, hope the second turnout would be better
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Originally Posted by inlandisland View Post

I'm not a tailor, but I think you may have the armholes too high on this shirt, which causes a point that pulls fabric from the surrounding area in/upwards and creates all that bunching. Despite what you read on the internet, armholes can be too high. Just out of curiousity, does the shirt feel tight in the armpits?
The other pulling (yoke, second button, etc.) also looks to the a product of the shirt being too tight overall in this area.
Originally Posted by Mirador View Post

Would love some feedback on what's gone wrong with the cut of this shirt.  The shirt is from a well known MTM provider with a good following here on SF.  The issues I have seem to be with the yoke.

Notice how a V-shape forms off my second button, and the excess fabric between top and second button - and the floating shoulders

Then there's all this excess fabric puckering/pleating on the shoulder

Shot from behind

I've had great service from these guys but they seemed uncertain as to why there are these problems with the fit.  I've been wearing business shirts off-the-rack for 20+ years and never had a problem like this.  Would appreciatte some feedback, perhaps the shirt is not wide enough across the shoulders ?

you have square shoulders the shirt has sloping shoulders.
at the chest level the front is too tight and the back is too big..
since these fellows are uncertain, have them send it back.
they should make a new one.
send these photos with the shirt.
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Originally Posted by workthatwedo View Post

Is the coat too far off to be tailored?


the shoulders are too wide, major job $$$$$
back too short at the round back. thats why it kicks out at the bottom.
the back can be raised, major $$$$$
sides need to be taken in also. $$
opinion, forget it.
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Originally Posted by Superfluous View Post

You guys might like this. I got my jacket back from a tailor after having the shoulders chopped a bit. I take it home and notice some misshaped area near the shoulder. So I push on it only to get pricked by a pin.... they left a pin in the shoulder and I can't remove it. It made me bleed; I hope I don't get HIV.

you need to return that superfluous pin to the tailor. after cleaning the superfluous of it.
getting a hiv shot would not be superfluous.
next time you see tony say hello for me.
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Originally Posted by Kyle is raaddd View Post

I recently got my J Crew striped tweed sportscoat in
I think I want to get: Sleeves shortened a bit
Waist brought in
Maybe arms as a whole a little slimmer?



Sorry those are the only pictures I have.

we need some better pictures.
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I apologize in advance for phone pics. I recently killed the OTHER good camera... that we replaced the first one I killed with... dozingoff.gif


Any rate, I appeal to the experts to determine if these are A) worth keeping and B) what alterations need made. It is worth noting that its just a jacket and vest combo, which apparently was a thing at some point, and not two pieces of a three piece suit. If I did the pinch test correctly it appears to be canvassed, not fused, but I'm not sure I trust myself to have done that properly.


I know I need to get the sleeves trimmed on the shirt, it was just the first thing I grabbed.


thrift store score 002.jpgthrift store score 001.jpg

thrift store score 003.jpgthrift store score 004.jpg

thrift store score 008.jpg


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Originally Posted by RingTail View Post

I got this RTW suit in 38R, I plan to get the sleeves shortened, any other alterations I should make? Thanks!bigstar%5B1%5D.gif
It seems I could use more structured shoulders for future suits


hi RT
the suit looks pretty good, just cant see see any details.
yes the sleeves should be shortened.
the seat seam of the trousers needs to be reshaped
on the curve. so that it cleans the seat area.
there may be something with the collar. can we have a photo.
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Thanks for the feedback.  I shall forget it.  I did really like the pattern though.

Originally Posted by a tailor View Post

the shoulders are too wide, major job $$$$$
back too short at the round back. thats why it kicks out at the bottom.
the back can be raised, major $$$$$
sides need to be taken in also. $$
opinion, forget it.


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Hey guys can i get your opinion on how these blazers fit and how I should tailor them? Thanks.

Grey blazer Banana Republic700grey3.jpg



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Hi everyone,


I just received The Essential Gray Herringbone 3 Piece Suit from Indochino today and I would like your suggestions. This is my first suit and I'm not sure what I should have altered. I'm 5'4" and I'm around 135lbs. These are my thoughts:




  • Could I slim this suit down? I think it would look better overall...
  • My dress shirt's sleeve stops right above my wrist so you can't see them when I have the jacket on. I think I have to shorten the jacket sleeves some. How much should the sleeves (cuffs?) be showing? Is there something funny about the jacket sleeves (from front shot)?
  • Is the waste area of the jacket too wide? I didn't have them suppress the waist as much. Maybe it's okay?
  • Is the jacket too short?
  • Also, looks like the lapel could use some fixing.




  • The pants are a little long and a little baggy for my taste so I will shorten it so there's just a small break and taper it so that it's slimmer. What do you guys think?
  • I think the crotch area is a little too low in the front and it's causing the pants to "hang" or look like I need to pull up my pants. In the back, it looks like it's all bunched up...Not good...Is it costly to fix this?


I'm not sure what ese to look for, but if you guys have any suggestions that would be great!



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Did they measure your taller brother for sleeve and trouser length? Did you shrink?
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I've been scratching my head about this suit, a Paul Stuart from the Stuart II line that I picked up from b&s. I feel in a way that it fits quite funny, but that might just be because it's big or because of the high rise. The pants fits well in the waist.
I guess I could have a little bit snugger fit on the jacket for some more waist suppression.
However, it looks strangely good on me from time to time, and if it can be improved with some (minor) adjustments, I would like to continue using it.

I'm heading over to NYC in a couple of weeks and was thinking about bringing it to PS to have their views on alterations (if it's even justifiable).
What do you guys think?

525 Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Edit: Here are some better full body shots.
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lol, i missed this thread before i created a new one, sorry about that. noob mistake


I got my new indochino suit yesterday and would appreciate some feedback.


looking for criticism and advice on what should be tailored, or if a whole remake is better.


here are my own thoughts about the suit.


  • sleeves need to be reduced by .5 or so
  • lapel blows out a bit when buttoned
  • there is excess fabric around the bicep area
  • the shoulders don't seem right to me
  • theres some pucker on back underneath the collar


anything else you guys noticed?


what i was aiming for was to get a suit that fit like this SF member's.





my suit:



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