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Originally Posted by ter1413 View Post

Are you wearing a short sleeved shirt?
No. The jacket sleeves are definitely a bit long. I'll take them in to get shortened. Are there any other alterations that you would recommend to get the jacket to fit better?
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Been following this thread for some time, and now have finally acquired a MTM suit. I need to redo the shots with the jacket on, as they were taken with distortion. However, I think the shots with the jacket off should at least be critiqueable.


For this set of pictures, I am looking for help on the fit of my shirt (my first MTM shirt) as well as the pants (bottom half the suit). Undistorted pictures of the full getup later. I realize I am not wearing shoes, apologies in advance. It's the one well lit place suitable for pictures in my apartment, and the GF won't allow shoes there :)


To my untrained eye, the fit seems to be quite good. But that's why I'm here:


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


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I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post in, but since it is frequented by tailors, I thought I would try asking:

I am having an overcoat made and am pretty set on having turnback cuffs (w/o buttons). However, my tailor discouraged me from getting them, saying it takes too long to have them made up. I have a Brook Brothers overcoat with turnback cuffs and they indeed look a bit more complicated than normal cuffs, but I would think that creating working buttonholes on the sleeves is just as much effort as turnback cuffs. Could someone offer any insight?

(For clarification, my tailor is located overseas. I mailed him my fabric and he will have the basted fitting ready for me on my next visit. I hope to take the overcoat back home with me a week later, hence the time constraint.)
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I am sure I know the answer to this, but just in case:

I want to buy a particular suit - jacket and pants are sold separate. The jacket fits perfect as available in my size. I usually wear 31 inch waist pants; the smallest they have is 36.

Is it possible/advisable to attempt such alteration regardless of how good my tailor is? Or just a total waste of money?

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Hi guys, another question:

I was hoping for some feedback about how you think this double breasted OTR suit blazer fits on me, and what alterations I need to make. It's full canvas if that makes a difference.

Principally, am thinking how much of the waist/chest I need to take in - I know double breasted blazers don't look good unless they have a more dramatic silhouette. I know that the sleeves will need to be adjusted both in width and in length. I'm also still thinking whether the jacket length needs to be shortened.

Please let me know what you think of the fit and also what alterations are needed. All feedback welcomed. Thanks!

photo IMG_20140708_100319.jpg

photo IMG_20140708_100300.jpg

photo IMG_20140708_100328.jpg

photo IMG_20140708_101333.jpg
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Hi guys,

Might as well get this one in too - do you think any adjustments in terms of taking in the waist/chest need to be done to this jacket? This one is not as obvious a candidate as the above double breasted blazer because it is almost there (already took in the sleeves), it's just one size big (38 instead of the usual 36).

Many thanks!

photo IMG_20140708_100416.jpg

photo IMG_20140708_100425.jpg

photo IMG_20140708_101222.jpg
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Hi everyone,


I have a question regarding this shirt.  I am thinking about sending it for measurements to make an MTM shirt.  Any comments on the fit?  





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I went to a new tailor to have jacket sleeve alterations, and he seems to have damaged the fabric.


Is there any way it can be repaired?


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Originally Posted by bklyndoc12 View Post

Hi everyone,


I have a question regarding this shirt.  I am thinking about sending it for measurements to make an MTM shirt.  Any comments on the fit?  





Other than sleeves which are a little long, it looks good to me. 

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Had these crazy Hiltl trousers shortened by the well known London tailors I always use, but to me they are still far too long.

Does everyone agree?

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I have a question about the proper way to hem chinos.  I just picked up two pairs of Incotex cotton chinos from a local alterations tailor I've had good luck with in the past.  To my surprise, they finished both pairs like jeans: that is, with visible double seam, leaving no material for further alterations (except I suppose for shortening).  This is not what I've expected, not what I've seen before on this type of pants, and there's no apparent way to fix it because they didn't leave enough fabric to do a more formal rolled under hem.  Am I unreasonable in thinking chinos should not be finished this way?

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Some chinos have a machine stitched hem as you describe and some are done with more of a turn up hem and finished by hand or with a blind stitch machine. If they were previously hemmed as opposed to unfinished bottoms when you brought them to the tailor, they would most likely have hemmed them in the same way as the original hem. If unfinished, they decided how to finish the hem. Now you know to specify the method of hemming you prefer.
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@odradek - I like your shoes

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Originally Posted by kiwijunglist View Post

@odradek - I like your shoes


Loake Asquith.
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