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Originally Posted by Thurl View Post

Recently discovered this forum and love the thread. I have devoured all 30 pages yesterday and took some pictures today. Would love your feedback on the fit.

Suit is a RTW Corneliani size EU 48 (US 38R) the shirt is MTM.


not too bad a fit. shorten the sleeves. hem the trousers are they at your waist or on your hips. wear a belt when being fitted.
there is not much detail in the picture but there may be too much length at the top of the back.. or are you standing at attention?
check the tutorials see, balance explained.

the blow ups show some excess length on the upper back.
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Originally Posted by slipperman View Post

Okay, here's mine. Recently bought a HF in 38R and would appreciate any feedback. Please excuse the unfinished pant hem and that freaking khakis I didn't notice until now..
First, do you think the armholes are okay? It seemed a bit lower than what I would have liked. Also, the leg opening once hemmed looks to be about 8" which is fine, but for some reason the pants feel much roomier than other pants I have with the same size leg opening. Again, any feedback is much appreciated. Cheers.

you dont have a belt on so the pant may have slipped down on your hips instead of on your waist. always wear the belt when fitting the pants.
from the back view the jacket looks a little long. i think here you were standing at attention.

the armhole is a moot point because we cant change the depth.
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Great thread!

I recently got a Burberry Brit coat in sale.
I know it doesn't fit properly and want to get it altered when I go to the UK the next time.
Before I take it with me and waste space in my bag though, I wanted to ask your opinion on it.

Alterations I thought of are slimming the coat (ie removing excess fabric from the middle of the back) and shortening the sleeves.
Can this be done and what range could I expect to be charged.
Also are there any other alterations you think necessary?

Thank you in advance!
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chron , your pictures dont show any detail its mostly just black.
but it does look too big through the lower body how are the shoulders comfortable?
the center back usually does not have a seam to work with.
that means the sides would be taken in. that usually means the back stays loose.
sleeves to shorten, yes. thats about the only thing that will work well.
dont know what the brits would charge,

why haul it over there and back? there are tailors here too.
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Hi all


first, thanks for this thread and the opportunity.


I have two suits made by different MTM outfits and want to order new suits and I'm looking for suggestions what could be improved.





Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Sleeve length has already been changed twice in the past ;)






Thank you for your input. Oh, and sorry for the absence of shoes, tie and the odd colour of my head.

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Originally Posted by a tailor View Post


I know, sorry about the quality, maybe I can try to do better photos outside.

As far as I can tell the center of the back does have a seam, as well as both sides.
So this should make it possible to remove fabric there?

Regarding hauling it over, I am living in Austria and didn't have very good experience with the tailors in my town, yet.
Therefore I decided to bring it along since I go to the UK anyway.

EDIT: I hope these help.
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Originally Posted by poissa View Post

Hey all. Sorry for clogging the thread. I haven't received a response. I wanted to hear if I can make the coal coat fit.
I took another shot at finding suits. There's certainly a pattern here with my shoulders causing problems as you'll see below. This is a a charcoal suit, Isaia for Saks.
It is a 48R... If anyone has suggestions for suit makers to consider that would work better for my body - you will be dearly loved!
On to the pics:
Good ole' 'coal
p.s. Is there a specific place on the suit label that confirms Isaia's collaboration? I don't want to take a sales associate's word for it - since he might be mistakenly telling me these suits fit as well...[/quote]

the photo shows that the blades need to be taken in . the shoulders may be too wide for you, but i cant see inside the coat, so you would have to tell me. i dont know who makes a narrower shoulder.
but you have a right low shoulder, but that will be there on any coat.

the label it self says that isaia made the suit for saks.
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Picked up this Banana Republic blazer on a mega sale for $17 bucks. The fit isnt bad but I was thinking it could use some tailoring on the sides or something. Its 100% wool and the quality is decent so I figure getting it tailored would be worthwhile. Its a 3 button blazer but I think i'd probably wear it as a two button and leave  the top and bottom buttons undone. 







two buttons:


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Originally Posted by crisp24 View Post

Hi all,
Thanks to help from a few sf members I have been able to purchase a few new suits lately. I was hoping to get some more feedback on fit before I take it to the tailor for alterations. Please don't mind the terrible shirt tie combination, I am in the process of moving in.
The sleeves will need to be lengthened slightly, and the back looks quite messy. I would appreciate any advice regarding what to ask for when having the back cleaned up.
Thanks in advance.

the front looks pretty good. you have a right low shoulder .
the seat area needs to be let out.
the blades could come in slightly.
you have erect posture. that means the top of the back needs to be shortened.
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It looks like what you thought was a tailor is actually a retailo that is not retailoring. That is likely as it looks like you bought the garment on sale. Whether you did or not. If you want to look like the suit cost $2000 or more....

1) ERect the jacket back ( shorted to reduce the wrinkles)

2) erect the sleeves to take out the wrinkles

3) let out the back for the creases on the sleeve head.


Next time buy a mtm over the web $600  and ask for a 3/4 erect suit with your same measurements.


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Hi everyone, I recently purchased my first blazer. I bought it blindly off ebay and just wanted some thoughts on the fit. It's a size 38R, the measurements that were listed were pretty close. If anything the waist feels a little loose? If it's no good, i'll be sure to go in store to try on blazers for my next purchase. Sorry for the crappy photos, Thank you all for your opinions! 













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Apologize if this has been covered, but wasn't sure how to effectively search the thread for this; questions for you guys:

In the past, GQ has noted that one of their tailoring tricks is to narrow suit jacket sleeves to imply a better fit, etc. Has anyone had luck with this/ happy with the result?

When i took my latest suit to the tailor in new york, they instinctively narrowed the trousers a bit. I didn't protest, seemed fine to me-- but what might this achieve for me?

Would these two options help this and other zegnamilano suits? I feel like it is far too boxy and not nearly a good fitted look, but really dont' think i can drop down to a size 38reg and fit my shoulders/ chest correctly.


Uploaded with

This one is my favorite purple label suit, thinking i might have the tailor narrow the trousers just slightly ? thoughts?


Uploaded with
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Can I get a critique on this? Looks fairly clean for OTR to me. Does the soft shoulder work on me? There's no padding at all. Unconstructed.

I'm thinking the fit is okay, but the button stance sucks. (Too high) It's a shame because I'm digging the tan glen plaid.
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Hi Matt, Your sleeves need to be reduced. This will also clean up the wrinkle on your right sleeve and back of both shoulders.

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Picked up this +j suit. Slim fit size large. Should I have gone with a regular fit medium? or even a slim fit medium? Ignore the pants they fit perfectly, they just need to be hemmed. The jacket clearly needs the sleeves shortened, but I'm not sure want to do with the rest of it, seems a little full or too long in the lower block? It fits me well through the shoulders without being constricting.

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