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Originally Posted by Gorpomon View Post

Hello gentlemen!

I recently purchased a J. Crew cotton suit while they were running a sale. I would like your opinion on if the coat seems to fit my body (I think it might be too tight), and then what can be done to improve the suit. Also I feel concern about the shoulders, as they are one of the most important aspects of it.

Let me start off by making a few quick points.
1. I generally feel the J. Crew Ludlow suit flatters me, I have a linen blazer in it that has served me well.
2. Right off the bat I know I'll be trimming the length of the pants, I got size 32 length to err on the side of it not being too short.
3. The photos are the best the photographer could get after about 50 photos, the photographer is good at many things, but unfortunately not using an iPhone camera. If these photos don't provide enough information, please accept my apologies and I will post more as soon as possible.

[ Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Any input is greatly appreciated.


Doesn't need much work, sleeves shortened and hem the trouser. Waist of the jacket may be a bit snug but letting out cotton is risky.
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Originally Posted by Coburn View Post

I'm taking this in for alterations. Please give me some suggestions on improving the fit.


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Assuming this a suit you've owned a while and want to tweak it. The shoulder looks wide and from the back view, the blades look very big. Not sure if you want to fool with an adjustment like that. Wear it as is.
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Originally Posted by TDP View Post

Dear tailoring mavens,
Thank you for running this brilliant thread! I recently thrifted this linen blazer with almost horizontal lapels:
Could a tailor lift the points of the lapels upwards, like in this infantile drawing?
If so, how difficult is that? Thank you in advance!

horizontal lapels are traditional, i love them.
look at fashion pictures going back to the 1930s.
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Thanks for the lively answer, Sanguis Mortuum! Thanks, Despos and a tailor. I will certainly still wear the thing after I put in smoked MOP buttons.
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Originally Posted by Despos View Post

Just shorten the sleeves and hem the trouser. Don't do anything to the waist on the jacket

What about the length? You don't feel it's a bit too long?
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jacket given away
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will repost
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I think that a reminder of the guidelines is appropriate about now:
Please wear dress shoes and a dress shirt with the cuffs and collar buttoned. Belt/suspenders required if pants are loose. Tie optional. Feet should be even, no more than hip distance apart, with weight equally distributed on both. Arms should hang comfortably to the sides (no flapping wings). And subjects should stand naturally--avoid puffing their chest or snapping to attention for the camera. Full front, side and back shots are ideal. They should be well-lit, with the camera held straight, 10-12 feet away, about chest/ribcage high. Other positions or angles will cause distortion, as will wide-angle lenses.
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Another Reminder: Who is supposed to be doing the critiquing of these photographs.

Originally Posted by emptym View Post

What makes this thread special is that it will be curated by three of America's finest tailors, representing three generations of the craft: a tailor, Despos, and jefferyd. They will teach us not simply what is wrong with a garment, but why it is wrong, and how it can be fixed, if it can be fixed.
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I'm looking to buy a new winter jacket (Probably online) and I would like it to fit as well as possible from the store to reduce the cost of alterations. Most online website's have a sizing guide, and I would like to take my measurements to see what size/jacket will fit me best.

Unfortunatly where I live I am a 2 hour drive away from a tailor, so I don't want to drive all that way just to get measurements. I'm hoping my grilfriend will be able to measure me - but was hoping someone on here would have a link to a good guide so the measurements will be as accurate as possible.

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I would also add a reminder of what the thread is supposed to be for.

The Tailors' Thread: Fit Feedback, Alteration Suggestions, and Construction Demonstration
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Any suggestions on this? Obviously I need to shorten the sleeves. Anything else?






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dupe. delete.

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Originally Posted by blake9050 View Post

Any suggestions on this? Obviously I need to shorten the sleeves. Anything else?



My thoughts Blake. Your right shoulder is low and needs to be padded. Shorten sleeves, Also looks like the collar needs to be lowered and the waist and seat needs to be let out. You may also need to have a pinch taken in across the back as it looks like a little bit of extra fabric. It's always hard for me to tell from photos but that's what I'm seeing here.

Also only do the top button on a two button suit. Not to be overly critical but your shirt sleeves look long as well.

Hope this helps and I'm sure others will have things to add as well. Good luck.
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