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Oakley glasses

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I have worn glasses nearly all my life, and now that I've made the switch to contacts, I find myself unable to wean myself of my former self-image, and have taken to wearing vanity frames (which is not all that uncommon in L.A., truthfully).  My current pair are by Pro Design, a Danish company, and I like them very much, but I am contemplating getting a high-quality pair of frames made into sunglasses.   I spoke to my optometrist this morning, a woman who's professional and sense of (eyeglasses frames) style I respect.  She has changed my mind on several occasions, and I have regretted doing so in only one instance of many. This morning, I had gone in with the idea that I would want a retro-style, dark, rectangular titanium frame, and would get a pair of blue tinted glasses.  She showed me the following as an alternative: I am seriously thinking about getting these frames.  My reservations are that they are too sports oriented for casual city use. On the other hand, I like the X-games vibe. What do you all think? I'd appreciate your comments and opinions.
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I'd say they look slightly too catty were I to wear them judging by the images on that link. I don't know what you look like, depending on your face structure they might look great. A hairy arab wearing a shiny Italian suit might look like a terrorist or mafia member while a pale Dane would look stunning and classy. There's no telling. A guy at work just got new glasses; he looks evil in them somehow. I'm getting used to them, but still...
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I tried those on, or at least a very similar pair. (I don't think the "O" was hollow, but I could be wrong.) When I first tried them on, I really liked them. But from some angles they looked a bit awkward on my face. Also, I have my doubts about any glasses that don't wrap around the ear. Given the number of skateboarders, etc., who wear Oakleys, those doubts are probably stupid. Peace, JG
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