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Group buying for clothing

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I know this idea is out there, but I wanted to put it forward and try and get some feedback and see what others might think about it.


Group buying is obviously a hot topic right now and it seems more then ever small businesses are clamoring to take part in upfront revenue in exchange for a discount.


We have a lot of people on here that are interested in the same smaller brands and it would make a lot of sense if we banded together and tried to put in a wholesale order for the brands we love.


It would would require a pretty decent interest level and spend amount, but I don't see why brands wouldn't want to work with us if we could reach a minimum dollar amount.


Look forward to hearing thoughts, I know this idea could have some backlash, but thought it could at least be discussed.


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id sign up for sure.
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i participated in a group buy for silent (paper rain) through cody on sufu. shipment was promised this month, but not sure when. i paid back in march. hope i dont get screwed

i think if you look back at the centralia fiasco or even the current alden group buys, the problem is that most companies aren't willing to offer discounts.
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