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Things to do in St. Louis

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What fun stuff is there to do in STL? I'll be there Wednesday. The only firm plan we have is dinner at Schlafly's Taproom. We're pretty open to anything other than that. Somebody told me to check out Forest Park and that also there was a really nice sculpture garden as well. Anything else cool? I'll take suggestions for anything, we're willing to at least check out anything if it's interesting.

Thanks in advance, gents.
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Oh and suggestion for the best jazz/blues bar would be appreciated too.
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Skip the sculpture garden idea and go to the Pulitzer museum if you're looking for culturez n' shit, at least to check out the Tadao Ando building it's housed in. One of the very best things in St Louis really.
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Shit I forgot my boy was from STL. I should have just pm'd you instead of posting. Thx for the advice
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I don't that much about the city though, haven't spent any time there as an adult. Shame that we kicked GrillnFool off the island earlier on; St Louis is probably at it's best for the lowest of lowbrow things, he would know better than me. The only times I've been back, I've gone down s kings highway south of 44 to eat Italian food or seek out the new low end food that has been popping up down there, i remember eating tacos in what seemed like some mexican people's living room down there some years ago. In fact I think that was exactly what was happening.
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Speaking from personal experience: get high and go up in the Arch.
Lean on the wall at the top and look out the window and down.

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-Go up the arch. It's really cool.
-Go eat Italian food on The Hill.
-Go to the Zoo. It's a great zoo. Perfect time of year.
-Go visit Betty.

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get high and go to the city museum. I've been to the city musem with kids, I believe that going while high would be very interesting
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