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What kind do you like, the gin?

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Appreciate your recommendations
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I have heard many say that Hendricks is the best, but I've yet to try it. I usually stick to Bombay Sapphire but my current bottle is Tanqueray.

Gin is a wonderful thing.
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I prefer Tanq 10 in my G&T's over Sapphire, but it's a runner up. Don't think I've ever had Hendricks.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Checks
Appreciate your recommendations

Mr. Cheeks,

I recommend to you, the gin Steinhager, for its clean tongue.
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Hendricks is a cucumber based gin, that served on the rocks with a few slices of cucumber makes for a rather enjoyable drink.
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Sapphire or Magellan for Martinis, something cheaper for Tonics.
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Boodles is worth a try if you can find it (I'm assuming they still make it)

Tangeray 10 is good stuff as is Bombay Sapphire
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Tanqueray or Hendricks w/ tonic usually although any halfway decent gin will work w/ tonic.
For Martini's, strickly Beefeater. Beefeater up, two olives. That's my standard, right there.

A really premium Gin is Junipero, which is made by Anchor Brewing, the same folks that make Anchor Steam beer in San Francisco. Junipero is a work in progress as each "essay" or batch varries slightly from one to the next. Each bottle is coded with the "essay" from which it's made.

One Gin I absolute do not like at all is Damrak. It's got a flavor that's just bad. It's really floral or herby or something. Basically, I think it's terrible.

Yeah, I like Gin...
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Originally Posted by horton
Boodles is worth a try if you can find it (I'm assuming they still make it)

They do, and it is. I'm also partial to Bombay, a gin many find preferable to the more hyped and marketed Bombay Sapphire.
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Finally a thread to post my story. I took a week-long trip to visit a close friend of mine and fellow gin drinker some years ago. I was a die hard Bombay man while he prefered the Tanq. We spent the greater part of that week drinking G&T's morning, noon, and night. Can't explain why, but to this day we somehow exchanged tastes. I won't go near Saphire as I find it too floral while a Tanq 10 is liquid magic; my friend believes the opposite.
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I enjoy Hendick's in a martini and I use Tanqueray with tonic. I also had a martini made with Plymouth gin recently and it was quite good. Plymouth I believe is the gin specified in the first recipe for a dry martini.

If I am ordering a Martini when I am out, Hendricks is often unavailable and I order Tanqueray 10 or Bombay Saphire.
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I don't think I've it, the Boodles, around these parts.

As I type these words, I'm drinking (gasp) Seagram's in a G&T.(fn. 1) Tastes like "gin." I do love a mid-week day off.

I've liked Tanq and Beefeater in the past, without really trying to choose between the two. I haven't tried the Bombay Sapphire, being somewhat turned off by the plants printed on the bottle... Could I assume that the Bombay has more overt plant notes than the Beefeater?

1. Okay, actually it's not a G & T, it's a little thing I thought up myself, goes something like this:

Twist a lime quarter over some rocks, add two ounces gin, one ounces dry vermouth, three ounces tonic. Kind of a martini with tonic and lime, or, if you prefer, a gin 'n tonic with vermouth. Probably someone else has come up with this, but if not, I call it, The Checks
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What is up with it, the Yoda talk?
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I know not, this Yoda, but for his sage, Er****t (banned)
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It has always been a toss up for me, Tanq or Sapphire, but with the new commercials, how can you not want to hang with Johnny T?
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