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Need help!

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I'm going to New York for the first time in a couple of weeks. Growing up in the south, I usually wear khaki pants and polo shirts out. However, I don't think that preppy look will go over in the big city. Can anyone give me an idea of what people wear up there (nightlife attire), and some good places to find what I need (local and national). I'd appreciate any input.
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I'd save your shopping for when you get to NY. Best way to see what to wear is to look at what other people are wearing and decide what would look good on you. If you still have no clue, go to a nice shop and ask someone that knows. It would also probably help if you specified what type of places you intend to go to. "Nightlife attire" can mean a whole lot of different things in NY ;p
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It all depends on where you go. There are plenty of normal bars where khakis and a polo shirt is fine--or even jeans & a t-shirt for that matter. But if you're going out to a more dressy place or a more high-profile place, you'll want to dress up a little. Black, obviously, is always a safe bet. If you give me an idea of your budget and where you want to go, I can give you some suggestions as to some stores in NY that might be good to visit...
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Throw away your khakis and polo shirts. This look screams, "Hey.. I'm not from NY." The only appropriate time for this look is if you have a business casual job. As for the night, go buy some flat front black pants from Theory or if your on a budget Ken Cole or DKNY. I'm experienced in cases such as yours, cause my roomate last year was from N. Carolina. Each year he comes back from home, I have to remind him to wear more black rather than khaki. Also not that many people wear shorts, as I know you are accoustomed to in the south. This summer alot of students from other schools stayed in my dorm and they all wore the polo/khaki look. It was kinda funny cause they stuck out pretty bad and all the girls that live here made fun of them. However, if your just visiting then don't worry about trying to blend in. If your staying here for a while then just ask and I'll give you some more help. Just tell us how long your staying, what your budget is, and how old you are (in order to tell you the apropriate look).
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