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Online made to measure service?

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I'm currently not in the country (UK) and desperately need a good new suit for an occasion.


Do you recommend any reputable tailor that would provide made to measure online service (I still have measurement from previous tailors). 



Much appreciate.

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why don't you call/email your previous tailor and order something to be mailed to you. If he/she has your pattern and measurements on file and worked for you before the result is likely better than handing his/her measurements on to some online tailor.
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I wanted to do the same thing,  but sadly they are just out of business :(


If not possible please recommend me any good RTW on the market , bugdet is under 2k.


I heard Kilgour has RTW line but I cannot find online page for it, gutted.



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There are many online tailors, you can find info about them in this forum.

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I've always used Barrington Ayre for my shirts and Tom is ow doing my Greatcoat too, I know others who have had suits from him and they have been delighted with the results - could be worth a look.

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Tennisguru - how did your greatcoat work out? I am moving to the West Country and considering Barrington Ayre. I'd be very keen to see any pics: suits, outerwear, shirts, etc.
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I've always used Indochino or Black Lapel for suits and for shirts ProperCloth, pretty fast service for down under and I prefer the Thomas Mason fabrics.

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I think Turnbull & Asser offer made to measure shirts directly on there website.




For suits. That's going to be a little hard. It depends on your budget.

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I believe Turnbull & Asser asks you to come in shop for a fitting.  Once the pattern is on file you can order by phone or internet. Are you saying you're in the UK or not in the UK when you say you're out of country?

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