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Give the man a break. How often does one get to use two asterisks together in one sentence?
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"So on my dangerous daily commute from Chester to West Chester I have to figure out a way to conceal my AR15 about my person. While I like the Fitzgerald cut of the Brooks 1818 model, it doesn't offer me sufficient storage space in the chest area. Suggestions?"


Kel-tech PRL 16? Technically a handgun, and legal to CC, it's essentially an AR-15. I kinda wanted one of these for a while, though I think its novelty would soon (e.g. immediately) wear out.

In action:
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For concealment with a suit or sport coat, I quite like the side pocket holster. Obviously not suitable for a full-size service sidearm, but the quarters of your jacket permit you to carry something at least fairly effective with excellent comfort and good concealment.

I have always found IWB carry fairly uncomfortable with any kind of serious sidearm--and it makes you look as if you have gained 20 pounds. I know a lot of very competent people favor it, but I don't like it.

I have never had any use for Small of Back carry. How do you manage when you sit down? And if you fall on your back, you are risking a serious spinal injury.
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JLibourel? Not THE J Libourel?


We are not worthy....

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Don't worry guys Magpul R&D has you covered.

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