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The West is Dead: "Herringbone 3-End French Terry" Classic Crew Neck Sweatshirt - - Restocked

Our latest shipment from the West is Dead's spring 2012 shipment has arrived! This shipment includes the West is Dead "Herringbone 3-End French Terry" Classic Crew Neck Sweatshirt in Oatmeal (restock), and a new color - - Antique Back.

The West is Dead "Herringbone 3-End French Terry" Classic Crew Neck Sweatshirt in Antique Black
* Reversible
* 75% cotton, 25% polyester
* Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL
* Hand made in USA


The West is Dead "Herringbone 3-End French Terry" Classic Crew Neck Sweatshirt in Oatmeal
* Reversible
* 75% cotton, 25% polyester
* Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL
* Hand made in USA


This is the West is Dead's take on the classic crew neck sweatshirt. The fabric is a 3-end French terry, heavy slub-back fabric in a herringbone weave. Its woven on vintage looms in South Carolina, in a district that is famous for producing authentic true-vintage knits. The entire piece is sewn using flat-lock stitching so its fully reversible and with each side you get a completely different look and feel. Here is where the fabric shows its versatility: the face is a flat textured, 50/50 cotton-poly blend, so it takes the dye in a unique heathered pattern. The back slub side is 100 percent cotton and has a beautiful slubby texture, after a few washes the herringbone weave begins to emerge and gives the sweatshirt an interesting hand and a comfortable worn look. A few inches to the overall length have been added to avoid boxiness and finished it off with double Vs in the front and back collar.

More details can be seen on our latest blog post:
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Just picked up a henley on sale at Steven Alan for pretty cheap.


in case anyone else is interested,default,pd.html

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Just pick up the raw sweater not sluby like the other sweaters but still nice.


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i know this brand doesnt get much hype but i picked up some of the rust duck chinos. these things are pretty legit. good fit, good feel, the construction is on par with anything in its price point. comparing these to a pair of rag and bone chinos, its just a much better piece of clothing. plus a lifetime warranty on hardware and construction. dont know much about the brand but i hope they continue on
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^+1 I got one of their JP chambray shirts. Thing is built easily as well as the JP heavy hitters. Good value IMO
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I've recently started wearing selvedge denim and currently, I own 4 pairs: A pair of Levi's, 1966, rough rise selvedge, made in Turkey that I usually wear with sports coats/tweed, 1 pair of Nnf, elephant 2, and a pair of Levi's, made in USA selvedge jeans which was made in either the 90's or 2000's. I'm not sure which as those were thrifted. I recently received my 4th pair of selvedge denim jeans which is The West is Dead's raw workers' raise, in a size 32 from a trade with a fellow SF member. I traded 2 thrifted Band of Outsider shirts for these. It was NWT.


I've only tried them on once and here's my initial impression.


The fabric is light weight, around 12.5 oz. which is something I've been looking forward to wear in the coming spring and summer weather. The construction feels pretty solid. It feels durable yet comfortable. I've been wearing my NnF elephant 2, 22 oz. jeans for the last few months trying to break them in so wearing something this light feels very comfortable. The fit is pretty spot on. It's slim but not too tight. It's pretty tapered for being slim/straight. My size 32 has a waist measurement around 33.5 inches. The inseam is pretty damn long. I think it's around 35 to 37 inches. I had to roll them up about 5 times to get the 30 inch inseam I normally wear. The raise is a bit longer than what I'm use to. It sits just about 2 inches or so below my belly button. I guess they weren't kidding when they said "workers' raise."


I can't help but to feel the stitchings aren't super great...What I meant by that is the threads resemble that of a pair of Academi I once owned not long ago and since, have been eBayed off on the cheap. I hope I'm wrong on this...


Anyhow, these are just my initial impression. I'm actually very excited to include these in my rotation. I will keep you guys updated interms of fading, and fit pics.




Update: I took a crappy phone pic of the fit. As you can kinda see shog[1].gifthe fit is slim but not skinny. This is my ideal fit.

I'm 5'7", 170 lbs. I can squeeze into a pair of stretched out NnF, elephant 2, size 32, skinny guy. Don't judge me! patch[1].gif



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Ok, so I gave in and picked up a pair of WID's duck canvas, chambray straight/slim fitting chinos, today. I got the size 33 which fits like a 34.5. I'm usually a size 33/34 in the waist so theses might shrunk after soak...Will report later.


I've only worn them once and I love the fit! Not too slim but def. slim enough to look modern on my stocky (short and round shog[1].gif) build. However, the inseam is pretty damn long, just like their selvedge raws. I had to cuff these for about 5 inches to get the 30 in. inseam I'm used to. I prolly wear them with cuffs, no biggie. The fabric feels pretty durable giving the fact these are light weight. I've noticed there's something on their fabric (both selvedge raws and chinos) that gives it a slippery/shiny feel/look to it...Can't quite put my fingers on the reason why...Maybe that's just the finish? Will report back with future findings ie. durability/quality.



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Found a pair of chinos at my local value village for 6.99.. Knew nothing about the brand at the time but quickly snatched them up based on the construction and fit. God knows how they ended up there. Nice pair of pants. Lighter fabric than I would have expected reading this thread. Almost summery. I never would have thought its duck.
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Shout out to this brand. Best fitting chinos I've ever owned. Fit is pure God Tier. About to buy another pair.
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