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Converting regular photos to quality home decor art?

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Is it easy or even feasible to take regular pictures off your hard drive and turn them into photos that can pass for photo art?

I am decorating my next place in my head and I wanted to go with some nice art. I figured photography art would be nice, classy and masculine. One idea I was considering going with was an international architecture and street scenes theme, since I figured if I used only locations I'd actually been to, it would add an interesting touch of novelty and personality.

Then I figured, it would be a little cooler if they were all photos I had actually taken. I want to try converting ones from my own collection, though when I took them, I didn't really tae them from an artistic style mindset. Not ones that I am actually in mind you, that's a little too much, and kind of Griswald family vacation feeling. Just buildings and street scenes. I want them to come out so that if I didn't tell you they are my personal pictures, you wouldn't immediately realize it.

If I can get this to come out well, I'm thinking I can use some Temples and the royal palace in Thailand and maybe the market dristict , the national theatre and market square in Taiwan (its cool, it has a total NY times square style), some stuff from Spain, mayyyyyyyybe Japan (though I don't remember taking pictures of anything that intersting there) and maybe Iraq (IF I can get a shot of the perfume palace before I get out of here.)

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The easiest way is to make them black and white which ads to the artistic flair of the image and then it doesn't have to composed or colored correctly to have the same impact. Also, when you are enlarging a black and white it looks good if it gets grainy. I would photoshop them to the point that you think they would look good on your walls and then have them printed on high quality paper by a professional.
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We have a fairly large, like 18 by 30 inch or something, canvas print on our wall that we ordered through Shutterfly. It's a montage of 3 different pictures, all taken with a 10 MP point and shoot (obviously what we thought were good pictures, if you get a crappy picture printed it's just going to look crappy and big on your wall). It looks pretty good, I think. If we had wanted to do the whole canvas with one picture we might have had to process it a bit with Photoshop or w/e for it to not look pixelated, but it looks fine just filling up a portion of the canvas. It's just a canvas stretched around an internal frame, but I think they might do nicer frames too for more money.

We recently used a coupon for Canvas People, another internet service that prints your photos. I wouldn't recommend this service. The printing quality was worse than Shutterfly, had a tiny blemish, and the canvas was mounted to the internal frame pretty sloppily.
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I have some photos from a trip a few years ago I want to blow up as a canvas print. They are quite large TIFF files so I don't think they'd lose detail blown up
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