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Dress shirt question

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I live in Atlanta and was looking for a place to buy a Paul Smith dress shirt (Neiman's doesn't carry them here locally). Specifically, I want a dress shirt with broad stripes and vibrant colors, which is why I'm thinking Paul Smith. Anyone know where I can get one, as it seems that the local establishments don't carry Smith. I'd settle for an alternative also, if anyone has any suggestions, or would buy online, if I could find a site that has such items. Thanks in advance.
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Hi Yosarian77 - I just returned from a trip to NM where I bought a green-striped PS shirt to wear for St. Patrick's day (it is actually the "Paul Smith London" line which is lower-priced and slightly more conservative).   According to his web site, the only stores selling Paul Smith in the US are selected Saks and NM stores, his boutique in New York, and one or two other boutiques (I believe in LA).   Of the online sites, Yoox has a decent selection of Paul Smith stuff but none of the crazy-stripe shirts at the moment.  If you have an idea what shirt you want, the local NM could probably special order it for you - or you could try calling the store in New York and ordering by phone.
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In Atlanta, go to Andrews on the corner of Spring and Peachtree Street. They carry a wide range of Paul Smith shirts and many other shirts that fit your description. Actual address is 1545 Peachtree Street.
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Thanks for the tip on Andrew. I work right around the corner from there, so I'll go next week. GQL, did you hear that the Hugo Boss store at Lennox Square is closing? Everything in the store is 75% off. I don't generally buy anything Boss, but at 75% off, I just had to go in and buy a couple of suits. It's probably picked over by now, but a couple of days ago I bought a brown herringbone suit for $250 and a Boss-Baldessarini black suit with gold and red pinstripes for $570. I can't believe they're dumping merchandise like that.
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I will have to run down on my lunch break tomorrow and check it out. Thanks for the tip.
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Don't forget about Etro shirts. They are simillar to PS, with the bold strips, colors and such.
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I'm just curious, where do you guys (GQLawyer and Yossarian) live? I live in the Highlands, near Druid Hills. For going out tend to stay around VA Highlands/Little Five/East ATL. At least for now. I'm actually moving out of the US after the NCAA tourney, though. I just can't live here anymore. I don't shop much in Buckhead. Most of the stuff I like I can find cheaper in London, Milan, or Berlin. When I do shop in ATL, I tend to shop in outlets (Neiman's Last Call up I-85, Saks Off5th up I-85 and GA400), at thrift stores, or in vintage stores (Stefan's in Little Five Points, The Dressing Room in East Atlanta). Peace, JG PS: Yossarian, great job. If I were going to pick a nom de net that wasn't my real nickname, I'd pick yours.
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Yosarian, thanks for the tip on the Boss store. I just snagged a Baldessarini gray suit with purple stripes for only $625 (normally $2500) and some ties. To bad tomorrow is the last day of the sale and, as you guess, most of the store had been picked clean. Joe - I actually live down the street from you in Midtown, on the corner of Piedmont and 13th on the park. For going out, I tend to hit Halo, Eleven50, Vision, Twist, The Fountainhead (my E.Atl venture), and then some local watering holes (Prince of Whales, N. Highland Pub, Manuels, etc.). Before you take off, we should hook up one night. I'm always looking for new people to hang out with. Do you play flag football? We play every Sunday in the park.
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GQL, I bought that same suit. I originally bought the black Baldessarini suit with the red and yellow pin stripes (in addition to the Brown herringbone). I went down to Mark Shale with my suit in hand and the sales person there told me that they were still pumping merchandise into the store every so often from other HB stores. So I went back this past Thursday and found that grey suit with the purple pins. So I ended up with three from the closing down HB store. I guess I'll wear them eventually, though they are all more winter type suits. Which brings up a side question: Can you wear super 150/cashmere suits in the warmer months? GQL, the Baldessarini, though 150/cashmere, are very light for that quality wool. Still haven't had time to visit Andrews, with my travel schedule being so crazy. But I plan to go there in a few weeks as I hunt for the bright, broad pinstripes.
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That is hysterical about the suit. There was another one, black with blue pinstripes that I loved, but the largest they had was a 42 (I am a 46, with a 32 pant, so it was FAR from fitting me). Although I agree that this 150/cashmere is extremely light, Atlanta Summers tend to get extremely hot. However, to be honest, I plan on wearing it with no qualms. As for as bright striped shirt, I found an Etro one in NM the other day. You may want to check those out as well.
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I saw the black with the blue pins and almost bought it too, but I just bought a Jil Sander suit that looked similar, so I stopped there with just the three (what can I say, I have a problem). I'll head to NM and check out the Etro shirts. What's the retail price of them?
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$225.00 - $275.00, much better than the 1966 Ferrari 250 that I have now fallen in love with and him hunting down at auctions for a normal price (I think that I may be in over my head, but it is worth the dream).
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Sweet car Gq Lawyer... Good Luck, i'm sure it's a bit more than the Etro shirt. Speaking of Etro, I love their prints and was just at their Madison Avenue boutique on Wednesday. It seems their prices have slowly moved up from what I saw at Stanley Korshak in Dallas last year? They do last and are some of the mosting interesting out there. Pete
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Joe - I actually live down the street from you in Midtown, on the corner of Piedmont and 13th on the park.  For going out, I tend to hit Halo, Eleven50, Vision, Twist, The Fountainhead (my E.Atl venture), and then some local watering holes (Prince of Whales, N. Highland Pub, Manuels, etc.).  Before you take off, we should hook up one night.  I'm always looking for new people to hang out with.  Do you play flag football?  We play every Sunday in the park.
You go to Manny's? Cool. I live walking distance from there. I have a few friends who work at the Carter Center across the street (and in the Kirbo building) nearby, so I go there all the time. If I go there at any time during the next week I'll tell you what: I'll be the tall black guy with a beautiful woman wearing a Bulgari engagement ring next to me. I'll be wearing an untucked, white collar and French cuffed striped T&A shirt and distressed jeans. Feel free to say "hi". Right now though, to be honest, I'm having a hard time leaving the telly. I think I've become addicted to Aaron Brown, Christiane Amanpour, and Gen. Wesley Clark. Much of it is so repetitive, but I just can't turn it off. I do have a flight to CA this week though (to see Coach K lead his men to victory in the NCAA West, and help my sister pack) It seems like I missed the flag football thing today. Damn. (I LOVE football.) Peace, JG PS: About the Ferrari: what kind of 250 are you looking at? When my parents lived in Luxembourg (where I was born, actually) they had a 250 Lusso. On Friday I just sold my place in line at Paul Spruell Alfa-Lotus-Lambo for a Lotus Elise. Turns out, I was the only one who ordered a British Racing Green with yellow stripes down the bonnet and rear bootlid, before they nixed that option to launch as a speical edition in a few years. (Odd that I'm the only one to have thought of it, because BRG w/ yellow stripes are trad Team Lotus colours.) I actually thought about keeping it to sell later, if it really is the only one. But, frankly, I thought it better to take the equivalent of three made-to-measure Kiton suits' worth of profit on a US$1000 investment towards a US$40,000 car now.   When I move, I'll either buy a smart roadster or an Elise. What's a smart? Check this out: It's even more a purist sportscar than the Elise. It weighs less, has less power (80hp, 81 lb-ft from 698 turbocharged cc), isn't quite as fact (so what, it still goes over 110mph, which is all that anyone can ever actually use), pollutes less, and gets better fuel economy (55mpg compared to ~40mpg). Also, it costs half as much. (I could literally buy one just with what I made on selling my place in line for the Elise.)  
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Out of curiosity, how do Paul Smith and Etro shirts stack up against other similarly priced brands in terms of fit and quality? Also, though I haven't seen any Etro shirts in the stores I frequent, I've noticed that the almost all of the Etro shirts I've seen on Ebay have a logo embroidered on the chest ala Polo. Is this a common thing or is the selection on Ebay just an exception to the rule?
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