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Custom Trousers in Hong Kong?

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I'm going to be in Hong Kong next week and I'd like to get some trousers made. I actually have a pair of casual pants that I really like the fit of that I want to have cloned with a few modifications (higher rise, slightly longer inseam). My budget is 1000HKD/pair or less. I know Jantzen makes shirts for a good price, but will they be a good choice for pants as well? Any other recommendations for HK tailors that will make good pants for a reasonable price?
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Hopefully he sees this thread, but if not, PM member Luk-Cha; he possesses a wealth of knowledge on what's available in the tailoring world over there.
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Jantzen will make trousers in that price range for local customers. They're not on par with the top HK tailors, but they are a good value for their cost.
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The pants were from H&M so there weren't particularly high quality to begin with. I like the cut though, so I want to have a couple pairs made that will stand up to a couple years of regular wear. I'll PM Luk-Cha. I've read many of his posts using the search function.
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thanks for you pm! i have answeed i think/ hope most of what you wanted to know! dress pants will come-in at around HK $500-1000 depending on fabric, but of course if you go with the big brands then you will also pay there premium too, but i would go to any of the indian/ pakistani tailors in tst but dont go to the 1's which are being touted as their will add 10% too. i have already pm'ed you my recomendation!

have fun!
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I used:

for trousers when I was there 4 years ago and was happy. I am sure luk-cha's recommendations are better since I only went to HK twice and hovered around the Intercontinental most of the time.
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