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Workwear and Style While at Work

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I was hoping to get some advice on here about a good style for while at work.

I'm a geologist that works in metals exploration so I spend a good portion of my time in the field. I'm usually in the coastal mountains of northern British Columbia. The temperature here ranges from about 0F to 80F and there's a lot of rain and snow.

I have a goretex set up of pants and a jacket that I wear when the weather is particularily bad and that works really well. I'm looking for recommendations for what to wear on normal days. Right now, it's usually just field pants and a tshirt + sweater. I'd like to improve on that. I think field pants are well suited for what I do. I'm also considering buying some wool work pants for colder weather. On top, I was thinking of getting a couple plaid work shirts. I also need a good jacket that is fairly warm but not bulky. I need to be able to wear it comfortably underneath my goretex jacket. I have no idea what would work here. I want to avoid fleece because I don't like the way it looks.

Basically I would like to buy some more stylish but functional/practical work wear. I spend 7-8 months a year in the field so I don't mind spending a bit on good gear. It just has to be tough enough to stand up in fairly demanding conditions.

Any suggestions?
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Workwear (despite proclaimations of its death) is still very much alive.
Most of it is durable so that doesn't narrow it down.
If you're just looking for ideas, go check out lookbooks for different brands' F/W 2011 lines and see what you think.
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