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Summer style

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This summer's 'hot' products are an eclectic mix. For the beach, the Gucci thong sandals or the beautifully engraved Sandy Dalal's single-piece y-strap. The great thing about the sandals this year is that you can't wear white socks with them, a campus affliction and an egregious faux-pas. For sunglasses, retro seems to be key. Big sunglasses like the Brat Pack designs that shielded their coked-up brains from the outside world, big and dark... Gucci and Armani have great ones, as do CD, Chanel, and (ahem) Hilfiger, which I hate but I have to list them, don't I? Wrap around visors are also great, try the Brad-Pitt lilac/fuscha color. Shorts wise, the longer board shorts are, for the first time, just as popular amoung fashionistas as the mid-thigh lenght shorts. The reason for this is the hippy come-back, which lets everyone wear baggy and long clothing. I'd try to stick to one of the big european brands, either DG, Marc Jacobs, or, if you must go inter-continental, Ralph Lauren. Zegna Sport have great chino shorts that are the perfect look for Yachting when combined with some sebago topsiders, rope belt, and a white polo shirt, which brings me to my next paragraph... One of the biggest brands this summer will be Lacoste, who are now back in the public eye, with Chris Lemaire heading them. This means, in turn, that polo shirts are in, so go out and buy ever single suitably light color you can find, and, remember, they are to be worn with the collar up, a la originale. Shirt wise, the tuxedo-shirt, ruffles and all, has gone casual. You can find these shirts all over fashion, but noteable brands are Paul Smith, Marc Jacobs and DG. Paul Smith also has an interesting shirt with IV printed in big, crackled print, which is bound to be sucessful. If the shirt has tails, remember, you cannot wear it out. Instead, tuck it in but pull out one of the front panels, which will blend your look and make it slightly more hippy. If you don't know what I mean, check out Arena Homme Plus, which I think has pictures of the style in it. In denim, there are two camps. As the rockstar style is still in, distressed denim is very much in fashion (Energie and Cavalli). Try to wear the Moschino 'stars' applique or the DG rips. The second style is clean, suit-cut denim. Gucci has a fabulous pair of jeans like this, which are dark indigo and cut in the old-fashioned zoot-suit manner. Denim suits are massively in fashion, like the ones from CK and Westwood. Westwood also has an original twist on white-shirts and denim: she has folded a white shirt's double cuff up and over the denim sleeve, which looks amazing because it breaks the silohette of the jacket in an original way. Also, concentrate on asymmetrical cuts that counter the harsh squares of the military look. Another important thind is deconstruction, which I always forget... Look at Costume Nationale, which takes their hard-line military cut and rips it up before rebuilding it. For some reason, this super-brand actually pulls off looking rather underground, which I love. They also make a great asymmetrically-low necked tanktop, which brings me to the biggest statement any man can make this season... The hottest article this summer is the vest. Brando-lovers all over the world must've been pushing for this one to come into fashion, as it's made the jump from the small peek we saw in the Gucci Cruise Collection to the full-frontal s/s shows. Dolce Gabbana have distressed vests, with a plunging neckline. NY Industrie have print and applique vests, and Gucci has vests which most closely resemble basket ball jerseys, letting me segue into the next trend: sportswear. The vintage dirt-bike jacket (Cavalli, of course), boxing shorts, and soccer shirt are all in, along with all other vintage sports clothing, preferably of European origin. The three big fragrances that stand out this season, are Jil Sander Sun, Armani Mania (perhaps the best cologne ever), and Givenchy Homme (which closely rivals Mania in terms of complexity). Any of these three are perfect, the foremost solely for summer-usage, the rest for any time, any place. To sum up, the following are in: Denim, dayglo colors, sports wear, vest, hairless chests, dinner-shirts, prints, and, of course, white. The reminants of last season are still around: military shirts have merged with the safari shirt, see YSL rive gauche. Add to this list, please. I know I've posted it three times, but hell, I want people to write back and discuss.. --European Interloper
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European Interloper, You once again amaze me with your vast knowledge of clothes. I would add white linen pants, and a khaki linen blazer. Both very versatile and look good with a number of things. I also think a pink shirt of some kind looks great during the summertime months. Question though...I was shopping the other day and tested the Armani Mania and it smelled very similar to Jil Sander's fragrance (not orange, forget the name...the slanted shaped bottle). Which one do you guys prefer?? I think the Sander has a more strong smell to it, and less people have it which I think is good...Is Armani Mania just going to become another Aqua di Gio which everybody wears??
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Surely people aren't talking about flipping the collar up like I'm THINKING about it. Does someone have a picture, or is it as simple as it sounds?
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Ironically, I was just in Georgetown this weekend, watching GWU's annual crew competition and I DID see some yacht experts with their collars up on their polos... Yes, it is as simple as it sounds... and it does give them quite an unique look. For some strange reason, it makes you look confident although if you don't act as if you are, you'll end up looking like a real fool, walking around passively with collars up.
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what about pants for the summer? I live in Georgia, but I can't seem to find any shorts that suit me since they all seem to be so long, which I don't like. I heard linen pants will be the thing this summer, as I guess they probably are every summer due to how light they are. What's everyone think? Personally I plan on wearing my Mavi jeans which are really light and breathable.
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Yes, it's that simple... DON'T iron the collar down, and wear it unfolded up. Sticking up, vertically from the shirt. The lacoste shirt was originally made for a tennis player by the same name, and was always worn with the collar up. When it made the jump from Lacoste to Polo, uneducated people decided the collar should be worn down, like most collars, starting an incorrect way of wearing the shirt. If you wear a polo shirt, generic or actually RL, wear it with the collar down. NEVER let a lacoste collar touch your shoulders, or I will gun you down like the deviant you are. FratStud: the layers on scent in Mania beat all of the Sander smells hands down... it beats most smells for the same reason, too. Mania was designed to be sophisticated and subtle, which is why it's not such a dominant smell. It's truly amazing in that the smell doesn't have one overpowering portion of it; all the different parts mix without taking eachother over. Mania will eventually become a super-smell, which is annoying for me. I personally think it should be limited edition, because such a smell really deserves to be made elite. Get in on it early though, so that you don't look like you're copying a trend. Don't worry: I won't tell anyone that I told you to wear it. Michael- baggy unbleached linen pants are always the right thing for the summer, largely due to how comfortable they are... However, this summer they are especially in. Linen is typically baggy, which runs in harmony with the Hippy look that's taken over Marc Jacobs and co. this year. I suggest that if you're looking for summer pants, you look for natural materials (cotton or linen) in a baggy cut. Beware of the drawstring, though, as it makes you look like you're wearing diapers. Which I'll assume you aren't. I hope this helped everyone, let the discussions continue. --European Interloper
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The only Mania by Armani I can find is the perfume. Do you know where I could find the cologne?
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When did Chanel start making accessories for men?
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Jetlab: I'm pretty sure they don't. I got given a very cool pair of smoked-glass visors and it wouldn't surprise me if they're woman's glasses. I wear them anyway, no-one notices and they look good, so no one can say anything. As long as it looks good (and inconspicuous), you can technically get away with wearing woman's clothes, but maybe that's only a phenomenon that exists on this side of the pond? --European Interloper
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Found an incredible new cologne for men for summer (a daytime cologne). Bergamont Citrus by Fresh. You can find it a Nieman's. Absolutely amazing.....
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I haven't yet smelled Armani Mania, but Sander for Men is excellent.  It's fresh, yet subtle enough for the office.  Most important, few people wear it, so you won't smell like the Acqua Di Gio crowd.
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