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Warby Parker RX Sunglasses

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Was anyone else keeping their eye out for these? Not that I love the styles, but I was hoping to snag a pair of cheap RX sunglasses. For months they were touting "Available for RX in August". Now, that "Available for RX" tag suddenly disappeared. Mysterious. I wonder if sales are being destroyed by the increasing number of similar online outfitters (i.e. EyeFly, classicspecs) and they had to ditch the idea to save margins.
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I was looking forward to this as well. And hoping they'd institute their flash preview system for the sunglasses as well.

Anyone know what the expected cost for having a pair of sunglass lenses made for a pair of normal glasses frames?
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This is bummer news. I emailed them to ask what was going on -- I've been waiting for the release. I last checked their website about a week ago and they still had the August release tease. WP's customer service has been very on-the-spot and helpful when I used them in the past, so hopefully I'll get a quick answer to share.
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Good news. I decided to go ahead and call them since there was some interest. They did not drop it (I'm assuming they were just a little behind schedule so they took it down). In fact, some are already available for order if you call up. They will be releasing RX sunglasses in the next few weeks, and some of the addtional RX eyeglasses will also be available in sunglass form.

Great company/great service. I wish we could do something to help protect them from some of the competition from crappier venders (i.e. Eyefly). It's going to be painful to watch a company with a good vision/price/service get cost-squeezed because of competition from crappier counterparts.
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Very good news -- thanks for being extra pro-active!

Hopefully their story, their commitment to donating 1:1, their styles and their customer service will keep them in the business. Honestly, I can't count how many times I've been complimented on my glasses in the past year-plus and written down their company name for friends and strangers alike. I think that kind of fandom for their brand will keep them going. To get me that excited about a company, I not only have to love their products, but also be able to vouch for their customer service. My guess is most their customers have had similar experiences and are pretty evangelists about it.
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I wouldn't call Eyefly a 'crappy' vendor - I bought a pair from them and was very happy with the quality + experience.

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Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley View Post

I wouldn't call Eyefly a 'crappy' vendor - I bought a pair from them and was very happy with the quality + experience.

That's fair - I have only ordered (and returned) from EyeFly once, and to be honest, I shouldn't have jumped the gun by accusing them of being "crappier" when the main differences stem from the lack of a try-on program and not-as-strong customer service (Warby is extremely hard to beat here, and I also don't think they have the buy a pair-give a pair program). To be honest, I think the quality on both is subpar, but the quality for the entire Luxottica dominated eyeglass industry needs some refinement (and it's nice that at least these companies are bringing the previous $500 price tag down to a more logical level).

While I understand that competing on price is never a smart business move (which was Warby's primary starting advantage), this is a scenario where too much competition can easily lead to an ultimately worthless product from all sellers (and in my mind, it seems like the most likely outcome as more players enter the game).

It does seem like the home-try on program is a huge selling point for warby, but the completely free shipping and loss of inventory has to eat into costs. I mean, glasses are a fairly hard item to pick (especially when you aren't in a store), and the sales/home-try-on ratio has to be pretty low.
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As one more bump for warby - I just ordered a pair of RX glasses from them at 3pm yesterday (I didn't even give them a prescription - I merely gave them a Doctor's #). They managed to call my doctor, make the glasses, and have them shipped out by 9am today. Assuming the prescription is CORRECT, that is one of the most amazing examples of turn-around I've ever experienced (especially when I'm used to waiting 2 weeks for my glasses to come in from retail stores).
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