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DO Aldo boots suck?

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Saw a nice looking pair of boots at nordstrom by Aldo called the Eldringhoff. They are only $150 so obviously they wont hold a candle to a pair of USA made Red Wing Irons. I tried on a pair and they felt pretty good with the leather interior and seem to be built quite well. Does anyone have experience with ALDO boots? DO they last very long?
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I have no clue about that particular model and I'm surprised to find out that Nordstrom stocks ALDO. But in general, yeah, ALDO just kinda makes the toy version of real version of the shoe.
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Yes, they are really that bad.
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Speaking from experience, they may look attractive on the shelf, but they generally don't hold well over time and fall apart fairly quickly.
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i h8 everything they do
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They are like Iron Rangers.
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IME, the leather tends to stretch rather quickly, wrinkle more easily and lose it's shape more than I would've liked.

OTOH, I still have my aldo shoes/boots and they're still serviceable after several years of light use.

If you're on a budget and looking for stylish shoes, go to nordstrom rack.
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What kind of boot? I guess you could get away with a dress boot from Aldo (though I wouldn't) but any kind of purpose built boot? Absolutely not. (Regardless of whether you actually intend it for that purpose) As an example, I have noticed without fail that any motorcycle boot which is made by a fashion designer, not a legitimate bootmaker or motorcycle supply co, SUCKS.

Whoever just said aldo makes the "toy version" was spot on.
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Even dress boots there will degrade quickly. Friend bought a pair there and the leather started peeling off after a few months. just not worth it.
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Aldo is basically the H&M of shoes. They're meant to be worn for a season and tossed, not longevity.
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