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More jeans questions

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Alright, I'm looking for some really lightweight but durable jeans that can be dressed up or down, and in the 60- neighborhood. Is there anything out there? I wear Mavi now and love them, but maybe there's something better, plus variety is the spice of life, right? What's everyone like? Thanks mike
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Hi Mike, The only jeans that I wear and bare in mind that I live in Sydney Australia are KEPPERS and they are light but they can also be worn as Dress Pants or Casual Pants. But living in Australia I have no idea what you are saying of - and in the 60- neighborhood - If you are able to help me understand the USA Lingo it would be much appreciated. Heckle
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to the forum....if you were buying your next pair of jeans, what would they be? heard that diesel makes a good one, but know nothing about the brand. make that any brand of jeans, except the levis 501s my wife wants me to abandon and "leave to the the 1950s." only pair i have bought recently have been banana republic, which seemed a little more 'modern.' man, when WILL i get with the new trends?
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Foxx, My two favorite brand of jeans are Helmut Lang and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Those two brands simply fit me the best. I like the design of a lot of Diesel jeans, but their jeans are too baggy on me in the styles I like. Earl Jeans just started making jeans for men. Not sure how these are, but their womens jeans are supposed to be the favorites of everyone.
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I wear jeans just about everyday, and rotate about eight pairs at any one time. My favorite pair right now are the Clone style in Icon wash by Paper, Denim & Cloth (PDC). They are a rather full-legged, bootcut jean in a dark blue wash with a grey tint. And they have slash pockets instead of the usual jeans pockets and squared back pockets (my favorite detail). The denim used for these jeans, as for all PDC jeans, is incredibly rich and textured. Diesel jeans are my standard jean, and I like the Kratt cut, in a variety of finishes. I find the Kratt is a good compromise if you want to look stylish without looking overly fashion-conscious. It has a rather loose fit around the seat and thighs that most guys, including those with absolutely no interest in fashion, would probably feel comfortable with. I think that with Diesel, it's best to stick to their basic washes. I think that their best wash was the "super-flattened", after which they took the concept too far. . If you want to stick with Levi's, their premium line is very good. I really like the fit of the Austin boot cut jean - the Skinner is for thinner lads. If you really want to take the lowrise bootcut trend to an extreme, go for Frankie B. jeans. Of course, you need to be built like a supermodel, and a skinny one at that, to fit into them. If you decide to buck the trend of "heritage" denim, and want to go for a more techno look, GSTAR is a good choice. Of course, the ultimate for the dark jean aficionado are the unwashed jeans by APC. Of course, they are a pain because you need to dry-clean them, and very infrequently, if you are to preserve the look. I know a girl who hasn't washed hers in 3 months, to get good creases. Still, if you are going for French DJ cool, these are the jeans to have, in either the lowrise bootcut or baggy Anglaise. I'm also currently waiting for the new men's line by Seven. I love the cut of their jeans, and can hardly wait until they hit the market. Recently, AG jeans by Adriano Goldschmied, a former designer at Diesel, have become extremely trendy here in L.A. I am not a big fan. I find that his washes are not as sophisticated as those of, say, PDC, and his jeans feel flimsy and cheap. Similarly, I am not a fan of either Replay or Energie jeans, neither of which I think warrant their high pricetag. Some people swear by Japanese brands like Evisu - I've never understood their cartoonish appeal myself.
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 Similarly, I am not a fan of either Replay or Energie jeans, neither of which I think warrant their high pricetag.
Are Energies that expensive in the US? The pair I bought (Morrison, New Morrision, something like that) was pretty reasonable for the quality, at e68. (Diesels, by comparison, are usually triple figures.) Another jean I like that doesn't do exotic washes but does use very nice denim put together quite well is Sisley. I think they should be in the US$60 ballpark that the original poster mentioned, and you won't find them on the lower half of every other American. Peace, JG
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Do you guys buy your jean sizes more on the loose side or the fitted side? TIA, LDawg
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LDawg, I go for more of the fitted look. I hate baggyness, sagging all that. I don't think it looks couth. But as my mom would say, "I'm not wearing it."  So to each his own. Parsons
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Energie jeans are about the same price as Diesels, if now slightly more, in the States. Of course 501's are exorbitantly expensive in Europe. Goes to show that prices generally reflect marketing, and not quality. I have said so, and will say it again: American designers may be a little behind their European counterparts in terms of fit and style, but for jeans, nothing beats American denim. There is nothing on the market that matches PDC (New York), or Seven (LA), and Levi's Premium are pretty good too, not to mention smaller, but still interesting companies like Parasuco, Hippie (next generation Jefri), and Frankie B.
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I wear my jeans "relaxed", slightly fitted, and low on the hips. My rule is that the jeans should rest naturally on the hips, with a little space to spare if I'm not wearing a belt - my compromise between the overly tight, body-conscious style of the west side, and the overly slovenly, super baggy style of wannabe gangstas and skate kids.
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<snip> but still interesting companies like Parasuco, Hippie (next generation Jefri), and Frankie B.
Isn't Parasuco a Canadian company, or am I thinking of Buffalo?
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I'm not sure about Buffalo, but I'm pretty sure that Parasuco is a Canadian company. The only problem I've seen with their jeans are that the pockets aren't the greatest and are prone to tearing.
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they both are canadian, and bluenotes as well...not pdc but not bad either
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Parasuco is a Canadian company out on Montreal. I'm not a huge fan of their jeans, but some of their shirts are pretty cool.
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