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Goldpfeil Bags

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Has anyone any experience with Goldpfeil? What's the quality like lately?
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Goldpfeil is no more.

The company declared bankruptcy in August 2008. Until January 2011 there was some 'outlet store' operating in the former factory in Offenbach/Germany.

The name was bought by 'Fun Fashion Distribution' which is a daughter company Tchibo (a coffee roaster and general novelty goods seller with branches throughout Germany). They did offer some leather goods in 2009/10 under the Goldpfeil name “although the goods were aimed at a different segment of buyer than the traditional brand”. (use google to translate).
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Does this look like the real Goldpfeil (i.e. pre-2008 bankruptcy) or is it part of the post-2009 imitation Goldpfeil leather good that you mention?
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Hi, The quality of Goldpfeil is fabulous, handmade in Germany since 1856. I've been collecting Goldpfeil for 18 years and their style is understated elegance with very high quality leather. Cheers, Eric
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There is also information on Goldpfeil, the history of the company and where to buy it on the English Wikipedia at:

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Has anyone any experience with Goldpfeil? What's the quality like lately?


Goldpfeil has been known for a long time for their quality leather products. My mom has a leather beauty case and all of us in the family have a nail clipper set from them, too. All I can say is, their stuff lasts forever.,.!


hand bags l leather handbags

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It's the real deal! I know because I bought almost all of their stock three months before bankrupcy!
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